Applied Graphics & Signs Unveils Spectacular Window Graphics for Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Babylon’ at AMC The Grove

Applied Graphics & Signs Unveils Spectacular Window Graphics for Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Babylon’ at AMC The Grove缩略图

Applied Graphics & Signs, a notable graphic installation and project management firm, recently showcased their expertise by utilizing Drytac SpotOn Clear Gloss media, coated with white for enhanced opacity, to craft attention-grabbing window graphics promoting the highly anticipated Hollywood film, Babylon.

Catering to clientele in Southern California and Chicago, Applied Graphics & Signs specializes in a range of services including architectural resurfacing, wide format installations, decorative window films, and hardware mounted signage. Collaborating closely with partners across retail and corporate sectors, they consistently deliver striking visual solutions.

Their latest endeavor involved a collaboration with National Installations, a comprehensive labor and project management firm, and Olson Visual, renowned for global visual marketing endeavors. The task at hand: orchestrating the installation of expansive window graphics at the AMC The Grove cinema in Los Angeles, in celebration of Babylon, featuring A-listers Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Tobey Maguire.

Covering a vast expanse measuring 559 inches wide by 220 inches high, the project demanded precision, with 54 panels meticulously trimmed to fit each glass pane of the cinema’s towering windows.

Given the paramount importance of image quality and reliable adhesion, Olson Visual opted for Drytac SpotOn media, sourced from Epic Distribution. President of Applied Graphics & Signs, Fadi Ballut, highlighted the suitability of the chosen product for its ease of repositioning, particularly in tight and obstructed spaces, streamlining the installation process with its dry application method, contrasting with traditional wet applications for second surface films.

The graphics, featuring larger-than-life images of the film’s stellar cast, were impeccably rendered onto the media using a Durst Rho 512R five-meter roll-to-roll UV-Curable machine.

Fadi expressed immense satisfaction with the client’s response, affirming, “They were ecstatic with the results of our production partners and installation team,” underscoring the collaborative triumph achieved in bringing this cinematic spectacle to life.