Enhanced Customization Options for Dimensional and Irregular Shape Products Unveiled by GTS

Enhanced Customization Options for Dimensional and Irregular Shape Products Unveiled by GTS缩略图

“Roland DGA Unveils Innovative Graphic Transfer System (GTS™) Revolutionizing Customization of Dimensional and Irregular-Shaped Products”

Roland DGA has recently introduced its groundbreaking Graphic Transfer System (GTS™), a pioneering solution that empowers users to effortlessly apply pre-printed UV ink graphics to a wide range of dimensional products and irregularly shaped items. This includes objects with challenging features such as uneven surfaces, rounded corners, or extended edges, which are typically difficult or impossible to print on directly, or not suitable for traditional decals.

GTS streamlines the process of transferring vibrant, intricate designs, logos, or text onto an extensive variety of dimensional objects and substrates. The Graphic Transfer System comprises multiple essential components, including Roland DGA’s cutting-edge GTS Print Sheets, GTS Transfer Film, V-BOND UV ink, and LEF2 Series benchtop UV flatbed printers, each available separately.

For existing LEF2 printer owners, the necessary components for the GTS system, including inks, print sheets, and transfer film, can be individually acquired to unlock the myriad opportunities and applications that GTS offers.

The GTS process is remarkably straightforward, with only a few simple steps. Once the desired graphic is printed onto the GTS Print Sheet using an LEF2 printer and V-BOND ink, users overlay the GTS Transfer Film onto the graphic. Following this, the graphic is primed for transfer onto the desired object, requiring only light manual pressure. Subsequently, the transfer sheet is gently peeled away, leaving the UV ink flawlessly adhered to the item.

Transferred graphics exhibit impressive durability and scratch resistance, having undergone rigorous dishwasher testing with no reported issues.*

Tailored for retail applications, small businesses, and print service providers, GTS democratizes the ability to customize or personalize nearly any item, regardless of one’s prior printing experience.

Print service providers equipped with GTS can offer clients pre-printed graphics on transfer sheets, enabling customers to perform the transfer themselves.

Kitt Jones, Roland DGA’s Product Manager, emphasizes the system’s versatility, saying, “Just because objects are large or unusually shaped doesn’t mean you can’t enhance them with stunning UV-printed designs. Our new Graphic Transfer System makes it incredibly simple to decorate items that can’t be directly printed on or even those where an alternative method is beneficial. With the pre-printed transfer in hand, you can apply colorful, detailed graphics and unique dimensional and textural effects in a matter of seconds.”

The LEF2 printer and V-BOND Ink components of GTS can be procured through authorized Roland DGA dealers, while the GTS Print Sheets (available in 25 packs or 100 packs) and GTS Transfer Film (available in 25 m or 50 m rolls) can be obtained through authorized resellers or directly from the Roland DGA Online Store.