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Silkscreen etching signboard is a common signboard production process, which usually uses metal sheet as the substrate, and the pattern and text are silkscreened, and then the unprinted part is scratched off by using etching tools, so that the pattern and text will emerge and form an uneven effect. This method of production can make the signboard appear more delicate and luxurious, so it is very common in high-end stores and hotels. The advantage of silkscreen etched signs is that they can withstand harsh weather conditions and are long lasting.

  • Dissolve the surface of a steel or copper sheet with a potion to make a depression and fill it with paint.

  • Silk-screen printing requires the production of stencils, each of which has one color but can be reused.

  • The higher the number of prints, the lower the unit price.

  • Overlapping colors need to be separated by a thin line at the overlap position.

  • Stencils are also required, and the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price.

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Elevate your signage with the vibrant and durable advantage of silk screen printing, ensuring your message retains its brilliance and longevity, even in the harshest of conditions.

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Elevate your signage with the vibrant and durable advantage of silk screen printing, ensuring your message retains its brilliance and longevity, even in the harshest of conditions.

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How much does a signboard cost? If your company would like to produce any kind of advertising signs, you can contact us first to inquire, depending on the signboard advertising requirements and complexity, such as the use of metal or acrylic material, the design will also have an impact on the imitation neon sign as an example, the minimum is only $200 to start, we will provide you with the appropriate up to the offset price.

Signboards on the market can be broadly categorized into two types of materials. Acrylic signboards are the most affordable of all signboard styles and are easy to install and dismantle, whereas metal signboards are mostly used for specific professional services, such as legal or medical services, and Led signboards are the most popular signboard styles nowadays, as they can emphasize the raised letter design.

When making a signage for your company, the choice of fonts on the sign is very important, especially if you choose to use a three-dimensional sign, the sign font will affect the whole look and feel, but also affect the customer’s impression of your company, the commonly used fonts are more commonly used are, Impact, Haettenschweiler, Franklin Gothic Bold, Charcoal, Helvetica Inserat, Bitstream Vera Sans Bold,  Arial Black ……, etc. Of course, you can also provide fonts for customized production of signages.

Our signage quotation process follows the steps below:

  1. Carefully understand the customer’s needs, such as indoor or outdoor signages, the material required will be different, such as in the office use of the signages will also be introduced to the commonly used materials or fonts, and then design the style for the customer.
  2. Our company will make the design drawings for the customers, and we will collect the deposit before designing.
  3. We will start the production of the signages after the design is confirmed, and it will take about one to two weeks to complete the production.

Signages come in a variety of colors, most of them will be based on the Pantone color system to choose the right color for your signage, but because the coloring is generally divided into “oil spraying” or “raw materials” to make the signage.

However, since the coloring is generally divided into “oil spraying” or “raw material”, if you want to have more colorful signboards, you can consider oil spraying or let us design them for you.

If your company’s signboard is to be used outdoors, it is necessary to consider the comprehensiveness of the room, the height, the width, and the dimensions according to the Buildings Department’s regulations are divided into three levels, and the threshold of examination is relatively high, but we will complete all the processes for you, do not need to worry, and if the use of indoor do not need to pay attention to too much, just pay attention to the style and design and other elements will be able to.