Epson Unveils Cutting-Edge Production Printing Solutions

Epson Unveils Cutting-Edge Production Printing Solutions缩略图

Epson SureColor T5770DR 36-inch Production Printer.

Epson is dedicated to meeting the high-volume production needs of businesses, and it has recently unveiled its latest line-up of production-class printing solutions. The SureColor® T-Series and SureColor P-Series printers, available in twenty-four, thirty-six, and forty-four-inch configurations, cater to the diverse requirements of technical and production printing as well as photo and graphics applications.

The SureColor T-Series technical printers are designed with innovation and space efficiency in mind, addressing the complex demands of technical and production printing environments. The SureColor P-Series, on the other hand, is tailored for photo fulfillment, retail photo labs, and the production of posters and graphic art.

According to Jason Meyer, the group product manager at Epson America, Inc., “Our customers and reseller partners have been anticipating the availability of these models as they deliver powerful performance in a compact package, enabling professionals to get their projects done fast without taking up precious space in work areas. These models are designed from the ground up with considerable market feedback to seamlessly fit into any production environment. This design changes everything.”

The SureColor T-Series boasts impressive speed and advanced performance across its range, including the 24-inch SureColor T3770E, SureColor T3770DE, SureColor T3770DR, 36-inch SureColor T5770DR, and 44-inch SureColor T7770DL. Featuring 2.64-inch PrecisionCore® MicroTFP printhead technology, these printers can produce posters at speeds up to 300 sqft/hr and A1/D-size technical prints in as little as 16 seconds.

These models cater to versatile applications by leveraging the innovative six-color UltraChrome® XD3 Ink with Red Ink. This ink technology captures a color gamut that can be challenging for a production printer, including the capability to print on a wide range of glossy and matte media. The addition of photo and matte black inks further enhances their adaptability.

Notably, the new models are up to 25 percent smaller than their predecessors, featuring a compact and sleek design with complete front operation—ideal for space-constrained environments. Automation of routine maintenance and user-friendly self-service options ensure long-term operational efficiency. The printers support various media types, such as glossy, technical, bond, matte, specialty media, and rigid posterboard up to 1.5 mm thick.

Epson_SureColor_P8570DL_44_inch_Dual_Roll_Production_Printer Epson SureColor P8570DL 44-inch dual-roll production printer.

SureColor P-Series:

Epson’s SureColor P-Series introduces the 24-inch SureColor P6570E, SureColor P6570DE, SureColor P6570D, and the 44-inch SureColor P8570DL, featuring a distinctive flattop design and complete front operation to seamlessly integrate into diverse workflows and enhance productivity.

With an emphasis on delivering remarkable speed, performance, and exceptional image quality, these printers utilize PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead technology and UltraChrome PRO6 Ink with Gray. The result is the production of sharp, detailed, and vibrant prints characterized by smooth gradations and neutral black-and-white images, rivaling the output of comparable eight-color printers.

Tailored for various photo applications, these printers support a broad spectrum of media, including photo paper, fine art prints, canvas, and rigid posterboard up to 1.5 mm thick. The 44-inch SureColor P8570DL stands out with its high-capacity 1.6 L ink bags, reducing the need for frequent cartridge changes and ensuring uninterrupted printing operations.

Epson_Chart_1 The 24- and 36-inch SureColor T-Series models are now available through Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Resellers. The SureColor T7770DL will be available in April. For additional information, visit

Epson_Chart_2 The SureColor P6570E, SureColor P6570DE, and SureColor P6570D are currently available through Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Resellers. For those interested in the SureColor P8570DL, it is set to be available starting in April. This phased availability ensures that customers can access the range of SureColor P-Series printers based on their specific needs and preferences. For further details and to make a purchase, customers are encouraged to reach out to Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Resellers.