Post Malone Unveils Spectacular New TSX Stage at Times Square

Post Malone Unveils Spectacular New TSX Stage at Times Square缩略图

“Post Malone Makes History with TSX Broadway Debut in Times Square Surprise Concert” On a seemingly ordinary mid-July afternoon, American music sensation Post Malone took center stage at the groundbreaking TSX Broadway venue, making him the first artist to perform at this iconic location in the heart of Times Square. As thousands of spectators flocked to the Crossroads of the World, Post Malone treated the crowd to a sneak peek of his upcoming album, “Austin,” all from a dazzling TSX stage that soared 30 feet above 47th Street.

The elevated TSX stage is a marvel in itself, seamlessly integrated into the massive LED video mega-spectacular. As the colossal 86,000-pound doors swung open, Post Malone, guitar in hand, made a grand entrance like no other.

Behind this visionary project are real estate investment firms L&L Holding Company, Fortress Investment Group, and Maefield Development, along with professional audio-video consultant Sensory Interactive. They entrusted SNA Displays to provide all the development’s video display technology and supporting systems.

Nick Holmstén, TSX Entertainment’s co-CEO, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to unveil the TSX stage with an exceptional artist like Post Malone. This iconic moment not only signifies the dawn of a new era for live performances in Times Square but also underscores our commitment to delivering unique and unforgettable experiences for fans across the globe.”

TSX_Malone_3 Photo: SNA Displays.

“TSX Broadway’s Groundbreaking 18,000-Square-Foot LED Screen and Cantilevered Stage Redefine Times Square’s Visual Landscape”

TSX Broadway has introduced a game-changing addition to Times Square with its colossal 18,000-square-foot LED display screen, which wraps around the skyscraper at the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 47th Street, directly across from the iconic Red Steps. This mega-spectacular display system, constructed using SNA Displays’ cutting-edge EMPIRE™ Exterior LED technology, boasts an 8 mm pixel pitch, providing a stunning resolution of 3,480-by-7,440 pixels. With approximately 25 million pixels to its name, this main screen stands as the highest-resolution display ever witnessed in the history of Times Square.

The innovative setup includes a suspended, 4,000-square-foot stage, cantilevered an impressive 30 feet above street level. What sets this stage apart is the incorporation of custom-engineered LED doors, meticulously designed and fabricated by Show Canada Industries. These doors swing inward on hydraulic hinges, allowing performers to immerse themselves in a visual masterpiece and appear to perform from “within” the video wall.

Equipped with 8K Ultra-HD processing capabilities, this video display system is poised to accommodate the next generation of video and broadcast media content, solidifying TSX Broadway’s position as a pioneering force in Times Square’s ever-evolving visual landscape.

TSX_Malone_2 Photo: SNA Displays

TSX Broadway stands as a prominent addition to the portfolio of high-profile installations completed by SNA Displays within the vibrant Times Square market. Notably, SNA Displays also played a pivotal role in the design, manufacturing, and installation of the wrap-around LED mega-spectacular located next door at 20 Times Square, further solidifying their presence in this iconic entertainment district.

In a significant and groundbreaking move, TSX Broadway achieved another milestone in February of this year. It hosted the National Football League’s most significant event of the year, broadcasting the game live on the mesmerizing LED mega-spectacular. This marked a momentous first-time occasion, highlighting the venue’s versatility and its ability to be a key player in live events and entertainment in the heart of New York City.