Kwik Stop Enhances C-Store Signage with Watchfire’s Cutting-Edge Displays

Kwik Stop Enhances C-Store Signage with Watchfire’s Cutting-Edge Displays缩略图


Watchfire, a prominent provider of LED displays for the C-store industry, has been chosen by Kwik Stop to enhance signage at twenty-seven of their locations across Nebraska and Colorado.

Thus far, 23 sites have been equipped with double-faced 4-by-6-foot 10mm outdoor digital signs, with the remaining installations scheduled for completion by summer. Moreover, several locations have opted for Watchfire’s Price Watcher™ gas price signs, renowned for their luminous fuel price displays that can be efficiently and safely adjusted, day or night.

These modern displays have replaced antiquated letter boards that posed challenges in message modification and often resulted in mismatched letters. Previously constrained to three lines or fewer, messaging capabilities were severely limited.

Sean O’Neill, Kwik Stop’s director of business development, expressed relief at the transformation, stating, “Our old signs were an eyesore, and we were concerned it might deter potential customers. Now, our signage exudes cleanliness, modernity, and clarity, enhancing our stores’ curb appeal.”

At Kwik Stop locations, digital signs serve a dual purpose: promoting specials to attract customers and displaying gas prices to entice passing traffic. Additionally, the signs contribute to community engagement by showcasing messages supporting local events and sports teams.

Operated from a centralized location by O’Neill himself, all signs are managed using Watchfire’s Ignite OPx Cloud-based software. Store managers simply submit their requests via a designated email address, and O’Neill effortlessly crafts and schedules the messages from his computer.

The design, sale, and installation of these signs were executed by Condon Signs of North Platte, Nebraska. Owner Chad Condon commended Watchfire’s longstanding reputation for reliability and outstanding post-sale service, emphasizing, “If assistance is ever needed, their customer support surpasses that of any other manufacturer.”

Given the region’s snowy climate, dependable and easily updatable signs are imperative. O’Neill emphasized, “All it takes to update our signs is an internet connection. They are user-friendly and dependable—I wholeheartedly endorse them.”