Exciting Release: MUTOH Introduces 100 Varnish Textures for Adobe Illustrator and VerteLith Software

Exciting Release: MUTOH Introduces 100 Varnish Textures for Adobe Illustrator and VerteLith Software缩略图

MUTOH, a leading manufacturer of wide format printers and cutters, has recently unveiled an exciting development for graphic designers. They have introduced a brand new texture library containing a collection of one hundred distinct matte and glossy varnish textures. These textures are thoughtfully crafted for use in popular design software Adobe Illustrator, as well as their award-winning RIP software, VerteLith.

This texture library is now available for download on the MUTOH Club platform under the VerteLith tab within the Application and Manual section. For Adobe Illustrator users, it’s especially convenient as the library encompasses all one hundred pattern swatches, making it effortless to enhance their designs with unique textures through just a few clicks.

In addition to the Illustrator-friendly files, MUTOH has included print environments tailored for their VerteLith RIP software. This feature empowers users to generate a wide array of varnish effects, adding versatility and creative possibilities to their projects.

Derek Moffett, the Product Manager at MUTOH America, expressed his enthusiasm about this new offering, saying, “We are thrilled to offer this new library to our customers. With one hundred different varnish textures, designers can add depth and texture to their designs with ease. The files are designed for use in Adobe Illustrator, which means designers can easily incorporate the textures into their workflow. We’re excited to see what our customers create with these new tools.”

This launch is in line with MUTOH’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with top-quality tools and resources. With the inclusion of this texture library, designers are equipped to introduce a fresh layer of creativity to their projects while also saving valuable time and effort.

MUTOH has also hinted at an upcoming release of this texture library for use in their FlexiDesigner MUTOH Edition, expanding the accessibility of these valuable design resources to a broader audience.