Fastsigns: Leading the Way as a Top Recession-Proof Franchise in 2023

Fastsigns: Leading the Way as a Top Recession-Proof Franchise in 2023缩略图

About Fastsigns: Fastsigns is a leading franchise specializing in sign, graphics, and visual communications. The company was recently recognized as a top franchise in the “Top Recession-Proof Franchises for 2023” report by Franchise Business Review. This accolade is not only a testament to its franchisee satisfaction but also its resilience in challenging economic times.

Recognition as a Top Franchise: Fastsigns takes pride in providing world-class support to its franchisees, especially during turbulent economic conditions. The company’s commitment to its franchise network and business model has earned it a place among the top 100 recession-proof franchises. In 2022, Fastsigns achieved its most successful year to date, surpassing $700 million in network sales. This remarkable achievement underscores its adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment and the continued demand for signage and graphics.

Franchisee Satisfaction: Franchise Business Review conducted a survey involving over 36,000 franchisees representing 365 brands. Fastsigns emerged as a top performer based on its franchisee satisfaction and performance. Notable statistics from the survey include:

  • 92% of franchisees “strongly agree” or “agree” with their satisfaction regarding the franchisor.
  • 95% of franchisees are likely to recommend Fastsigns to others.
  • 95% of franchisees rate their local market competitiveness above the industry benchmark by +20%.

Expansion Plans: Fastsigns has also announced plans to expand its co-brand and conversion programs, aimed at helping small businesses in the sign and related industries navigate challenging economic periods. These programs offer independent businesses the resources and support of a recognized brand, along with access to the company’s extensive network and successful business model.

In conclusion, while no business can be entirely recession-proof, Fastsigns has demonstrated its resilience in the face of economic challenges, making it a strong contender in the franchise industry.