Julie Quiñones: The 2023 Top Young Sign Maker Making Waves in the Industry

Julie Quiñones: The 2023 Top Young Sign Maker Making Waves in the Industry缩略图

Julie Quiñones, the Manufacturing Operations Manager at Comet Signs, is at the forefront of the shop’s projects, ensuring that the team remains focused and efficient in the midst of the bustling activity on the shop floor. Her dedication and unwavering work ethic have set her apart from a pool of more than 45 nominees, earning her the prestigious title of 2023 Top Young Sign Maker.

As the driving force behind the production process, Julie leads various teams, including assembly, print and vinyl, and logistics. Mikal Harn, the Chief Operating Officer at Comet Signs, acknowledges the indispensable value of Julie’s leadership skills and her ability to consistently deliver outstanding projects. Her contributions not only benefit the company’s success but also leave a lasting positive impact on Comet Signs’ clientele.

In a recent gold medal interview with Sign Builder Illustrated, Julie Quiñones shed light on her journey to becoming a Top Young Sign Maker in 2023. She discussed her demanding weekly schedule, the intricacies of managing logistics, insights on breaking into the industry, and much more. Her story is an inspiring testament to hard work and leadership in the world of sign making.