Large Format Printing: New to 2023

Large Format Printing: New to 2023缩略图

Photo: Canon Solutions America.

2023 promises to be a pivotal year for the signage industry, marked by a resurgence in demand reminiscent of pre-pandemic levels and evolving customer preferences. Sign shops can capitalize on these trends by staying attuned to the dynamics shaping the large format sector. Here are key observations to monitor:

Pantone_2023_Viva_Magenta 2023 Color of the Year – Viva Magenta. Photo: PANTONE.


  1. Rebirth of Eye-Catching Out of Home Advertising: Out of home (OOH) advertising is experiencing a notable comeback post-pandemic, with over half of brand marketers intending to boost spending in this domain in 2023. From billboards to bus wraps and floor prints, these expansive displays offer brands a potent means to break through the noise and captivate audiences on the move.
    • Printers should leverage this trend by showcasing their expertise in OOH print capabilities through compelling case studies. This encompasses traditional prints, exhibition displays, flags, and city light ads.
    • Modern OOH displays often integrate QR codes or other interactive elements to drive engagement and gauge impact, providing valuable metrics to showcase effectiveness.
    • Additionally, the emphasis on color vibrancy, exemplified by Pantone’s 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta, underscores the importance of being able to reproduce these vivid hues accurately. Upgrading to technology that can handle such nuances can enhance relevance and competitiveness in the market.
  2. Embracing Sustainable Materials and Practices: Sustainable practices are gaining prominence across various design domains, including signage. Organic and natural materials are in vogue, reflecting a broader shift towards eco-conscious production and consumption.
    • Sign shops can align with this trend by showcasing their work on unique print mediums like wood, stone, and organic cotton.
    • Highlighting sustainable operations, such as automation to reduce production time, utilization of recycled materials, and adoption of VOC-free inks, can resonate with environmentally-conscious clients.
    • Collaborating with OEMs and partners to promote shared sustainable practices reinforces a commitment to eco-friendly operations.
  3. Harnessing Technological Advancements for Efficiency: Technological advancements continue to drive innovation in large format printing, facilitating faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions.
    • Automated features streamline operations, enhancing productivity and reducing reliance on manual labor.
    • Manufacturers are innovating to offer greater versatility and efficiency in large format printers, catering to diverse consumer needs.
    • However, there’s a need to address challenges such as ensuring compatibility between ink and materials, and enhancing user-friendliness for untrained operators.
      Canon_USA_Arizona_6160_6170_XTS Canon Reveals New Finishing Solution for Colorado Devices and New Flatbed Printer.

In summary, by embracing these trends and leveraging technological advancements, sign shops can position themselves for growth and success in 2023, meeting evolving customer demands and industry dynamics head-on.