Commonly used materials for Light Box

Commonly used materials for Light Box缩略图

Lightboxes serve as crucial tools for advertising and promotion, with material selection directly impacting their appearance, durability, and lifespan.

Commonly used materials in lightbox construction include acrylic panels, aluminum composite panels, LED light strips, and polycarbonate (PC) sheets. Each material possesses unique characteristics and suitability for different scenarios, necessitating consideration of specific requirements during selection.

Acrylic panels, known for their high transparency and weather resistance, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lightbox applications. Their vibrant colors, UV resistance, and resistance to deformation ensure clarity under various climatic conditions.

Aluminum composite panels, lightweight and easy to process, are often used in the fabrication of large-scale lightboxes. Their high strength, fire resistance, and ease of installation and maintenance make them ideal for applications in malls, hotels, and other large venues.

LED light strips are indispensable components, offering energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long lifespan while providing uniform and soft lighting. They are applicable to a wide range of lightbox fabrication needs.

PC sheets boast high light transmittance, impact resistance, and flame retardancy, making them suitable for intricate and upscale lightbox designs. They are often chosen for projects requiring a sophisticated and premium aesthetic.

In material selection, factors such as cost, processing difficulty, supplier reputation, as well as specific requirements, environmental conditions, and budget considerations, must be taken into account.

Professional lightbox fabrication companies can offer personalized material recommendations and solutions tailored to client needs, ensuring that lightboxes exhibit excellent appearance, durability, and longevity, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of urban landscapes.


  • Material: Aluminum Profile+Acrylic
  • Size: Custom
  • Light source: LED Strips and Modules
  • Finsh: Painted to match Pantone Color
  • Install: Pin Fixed to Wall

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