Kavalan and SuperGraphics Forge Pioneering Partnership for PVC-Free Print Solutions, Leading the Way in Sustainable Printing for the U.S. Market

Kavalan, a prominent manufacturer of PVC-free wide-format banner materials, has formed a strategic partnership with Seattle-based SuperGraphics to provide innovative PVC-free solutions to the U.S. market. A recently released video case study highlights Kavalan’s integral role in SuperGraphics’ EcoFormat™ initiative, dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future for North American print.

SuperGraphics, a major player in large-format printing with expertise spanning retail, hospitality, events graphics, and more, is led by President Reid Baker, who underscores his commitment to instigating essential change within the industry. Baker remarks, “Through EcoFormat, we have curated a selection of environmentally friendly print materials. Combined with our cutting-edge Durst presses, we have established sustainable practices and services.”

The Kavalan Eco Calculator, a proprietary tool of immense value designed to compute the genuine environmental impact savings facilitated by Kavalan products, has already emerged as an indispensable resource for SuperGraphics’ discerning clientele.

Future Arts Creative Director Julia Bruk expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “When we witnessed the tangible reduction in toxicity, CO2 emissions, and water usage achieved by using PVC-free materials in this banner, we were genuinely astonished. Discovering that a single banner could have such a significant impact was truly exciting.”

Vincent Lin, Vice President of Kavalan’s parent company TAYA Groups, remarks, “A shift is occurring in the U.S. market, with print customers increasingly seeking partnerships with entities that share their environmental consciousness and uphold a serious commitment to responsibility. SuperGraphics is at the forefront of promoting print sustainability in the region, and we take great pride in standing alongside them on this transformative journey.”