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LED Neon Sign is a contemporary alternative to the traditional neon. Crafted from LED neon, these signs are kid-safe and environmentally friendly. LED neon signs emanate that familiar warm glow without the fragility of breakable glass. Notably, LED neon signs shine about 5% brighter than their traditional glass counterparts. What’s cool is that you can use the included remote to adjust the sign’s brightness to your liking.

Installing LED neon signs is a breeze. They’re lightweight, come with predrilled holes for mounting, and can be easily affixed to the wall using just a screwdriver and the provided screws. The LED neon sign operates on 12 volts, allowing the included power supply to be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet.


  • Material: Clear Acrylic+Flexible Silicone tube
  • Size: Custom Size
  • Light colors: Warm White, White, Green, Blue, Ice Blue, Red, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Purple, Pink, etc
  • Install: Pin Fixed to Wall/Hung on Wall

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