Introducing NanoSuite: Revolutionizing Large Display Management with ISAAC® Technology

Introducing NanoSuite: Revolutionizing Large Display Management with ISAAC® Technology缩略图

Nanolumens, renowned pioneers of cutting-edge dvLED solutions, have joined forces with Smart Monkeys, a leading authority in show control systems, to introduce NanoSuite, Powered by ISAAC®. Targeted at designers and system integrators, NanoSuite provides a robust tool for controlling, monitoring, and managing intricate, large display systems. This collaborative endeavor between Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys leverages their years of expertise and extensive knowledge in delivering dependable display solutions.

“We have collaborated closely with Smart Monkeys on numerous intricate projects, making them the ideal partner to help us address the broader challenges associated with display management faced by our partners,” says Brice McPheeters, Vice President of Product & Planning at Nanolumens. “For years, the industry has grappled with the complexities of managing large display systems, both from an infrastructure and operational perspective. When we conceptualized NanoSuite, we initiated the development process by taking into account everything our partners appreciated and disliked about display management. The outcome is a tiered data approach that empowers users to monitor Nanolumens display performance, exercise control over and schedule displays, manage content, review historical performance, and troubleshoot, all through a single interface, in a stepwise manner.

“This development equips system integrators with a means to maintain their NOCs in an organized and actionable manner while enhancing their troubleshooting and response capabilities significantly.”

“NanoSuite and the ISAAC® system can operate either locally, on-premises (On-Prem), through API, or with remote access, offering the ultimate in show control,” remarks Stephan Villet, Managing Partner of Smart Monkeys. “NanoSuite is versatile and is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

“This integrated solution marks just the beginning of this partnership. Be on the lookout for more exciting developments from this strategic collaboration.”

NanoSuite is readily available and will be showcased at InfoComm in Orlando, FL from June 14-16 at the Nanolumens booth #1781. Use VIP Code NAN911 for complimentary access to the exhibit hall.