Canon Unveils Innovative Arizona 1300 Flatbed Printers with FLOW Technology

Canon Unveils Innovative Arizona 1300 Flatbed Printers with FLOW Technology缩略图

Revolutionary Printers for Mid-Volume Market and Textured Print Applications

City, State, Date – Canon U.S.A. Inc. is proud to introduce six new models in the Arizona 1300 flatbed printer series—the 1340/1360/1380 GTF and 1340/1360/1380 XTF. These cutting-edge printers feature award-winning FLOW technology, an innovative zone-free vacuum system that streamlines media handling. Additionally, Canon announces the upcoming availability of PRISMAelevate XL software, an extension of the powerful PRISMA XL Suite, designed to empower users to create tactile print applications with outstanding-quality elevated prints on compatible Arizona printers, featuring texture elevation up to 2mm.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Range: The Arizona 1300 series caters to the growing mid-volume segment, offering a wide range of applications for retail, interior décor, packaging, and industrial markets.
  • Productivity: These new printers enable versatile, accurate, and highly efficient multi-board and double-sided printing, providing variable print speeds of up to 568.3 ft2/hr.
  • Flexible Media Handling: PSP customers can create eye-catching prints on rigid or flexible media of any size up to 49.2-by-98.4 inches (Arizona GTF) or 98.4-by-121.3 inches (Arizona XTF).
  • Reduced Effort and Cost: The FLOW technology allows quick media and board size changes without the need for vacuum zones, reducing masking and taping efforts, saving time and costs.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Advanced Image Layout Controls enable last-minute adjustments, increasing flexibility, reducing waste, and saving time and costs.
  • Sustainability: The Arizona flatbed printer series incorporates sustainability benefits, including energy efficiency, recyclability, and reduced ink consumption.
  • PRISMAelevate XL Software: The extension of the PRISMA XL Suite allows users to design creative, high-value applications with textured effects and raised lettering up to 2mm.

Shinichi “Sam” Yoshida, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Canon U.S.A., Inc., said, “These new models offer the unparalleled image quality of prior and current Arizona models, designed to increase customer productivity and overall experience, allowing customers to remain competitive.”


The Arizona 1300 GTF and XTF with FLOW technology are available immediately, while PRISMAelevate XL software for textured print applications is scheduled for ordering and delivery from July 2023. (Note: Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.)