Revolutionizing Printing: KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films Unveil the Future of High-Quality Prints

Revolutionizing Printing: KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films Unveil the Future of High-Quality Prints缩略图

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films represent an innovative line of products, offering a unique alternative to Cibachrome-style prints. These films excel in delivering outstanding image quality, boasting deep blacks and vivid color saturation.

With the discontinuation of laser Lightjet printers, KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films fill the void, providing an excellent solution for various applications, including frontlit and backlit signs, glass-mounted graphics, point-of-purchase displays, flexible signage, roller banners, and premium photographic prints.

Print professionals can now harness the power of these films to produce high-gloss, meticulously detailed, waterproof prints and displays, showcasing a seamlessly blended color spectrum that was previously unattainable through traditional inkjet printing methods.

Kara Work, the product development director for Kodak Wide Format Media, emphasizes that dye-sublimation printing has expanded its horizons beyond fabric and metal prints, now enabling fine art photographers to achieve the same level of quality once associated with Cibachrome printing.

According to Brand Management Group (BMG), the brand licensee for KODAK Wide-format Media, KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films are not only scratch-resistant but also solvent-resistant, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, these films are compatible with all major brands of dye-sublimation printer systems, making them a versatile choice for print professionals.

Furthermore, these films offer approximately 30 percent cost savings compared to traditional ChromaLuxe® products, making them a cost-effective option for those in the industry.

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation Films product line currently includes the Metallic Gloss Film, available now, with the Backlit Gloss Film and Clear Film variants set to launch soon.