DraftKings’ New Headquarters Shines with Innovative Interior Signs

DraftKings’ New Headquarters Shines with Innovative Interior Signs缩略图

“LET IT RIDE” lettering art installation is made up of 6,049 casino chips.

YESCO, a venerable company with a history spanning over a century, is renowned for its expertise in crafting, repairing, and maintaining iconic signs, as well as designing bespoke electric signage. Recently, they achieved a remarkable feat by successfully fabricating and installing more than 170 interior signs at the brand-new DraftKings headquarters in Southwest Las Vegas.

This cutting-edge headquarters is strategically located within the UnCommons mixed-use complex, situated at the intersection of the 215 Beltway and Durango Drive. Spanning four stories, the building offers an impressive 90,000 square feet of space, capable of accommodating a workforce ranging from 700 to 1,000 employees. It’s noteworthy to mention that this Las Vegas office stands as DraftKings’ second-largest in the United States, surpassed only by their corporate headquarters in Boston.

YESCO_DraftKings_WallLetters Photo: YESCO.

DraftKings, as a prominent daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company, has unveiled a striking signage package that aligns with their brand identity and reinforces their pioneering position in the fiercely competitive market.

Within this extensive project, YESCO has contributed a range of impressive interior signs, including a standout feature at the entryway – the “Crown Wall.” This distinctive installation boasts internal illumination, with an eye-catching blend of color-changing LED and 5500K white LED modules.

YESCO_Draftkings_CrownWallEntry Photo: YESCO.

A motion-activated, light-up “Crown” logo is located behind a two-way mirror.

YESCO_DraftKings_MotionActivated Photo: YESCO.

A color-changing, faux-neon-illuminated crown is mounted to a “living wall” made up of greenery.

YESCO_Draftkings_LivingWall Photo: YESCO

On every floor, wall-mounted floor identification numbers are strategically placed opposite the elevators. These numbers are outlined with faux-neon LED lighting, creating a visually striking and attention-grabbing effect. To achieve the desired illumination, S-14 LED bulbs are meticulously screwed into medium-base sockets, contributing to the overall captivating aesthetics.

YESCO_DraftKings_ElevatorNumbers Photo: YESCO.

A slot reels art installation is composed of 120 individual film-printed faux reels.

YESCO_DraftKings_SlotReels Photo: YESCO

Within this space, two exceptional lettering art installations serve as captivating focal points. The first, titled “SNAKE EYES,” is a remarkable composition comprising a staggering 4,559 dice. The second, known as “LET IT RIDE,” boasts an impressive display of 6,049 casino chips. Both installations feature a framework crafted from clear plexiglass, meticulously designed with notches and grooves to securely cradle the dice and chips. The ingenious use of clear epoxy ensures that every element remains firmly in place, adding to the artistry and structural integrity of these striking creations.

YESCO_DraftKings_SnakeEyes “Snake Eyes” art install photo: YESCO.

The DraftKings interior signage project involved an impressive 2,642 man-hours of labor, spread across a span of 32 weeks.

Jeff Young, the Executive Vice President of YESCO, remarked, “DraftKings’ new four-story building is adorned with an abundance of attention-grabbing signage. It was a privilege for us to be entrusted with the creation and installation of these innovative signs for a globally recognized, rapidly expanding brand’s stunning new headquarters in Southern Nevada.”

Ironically, despite the fact that betting with DraftKings remains unavailable in Nevada, the gamble taken in designing the signage for their Las Vegas headquarters undeniably paid off in the end, serving as a testament to the project’s remarkable success.