YESCO Mourns the Passing of Longtime Chairman Thomas Young Jr., Celebrates a Legacy of Service and Signage Excellence

YESCO Mourns the Passing of Longtime Chairman Thomas Young Jr., Celebrates a Legacy of Service and Signage Excellence缩略图

YESCO, the renowned 103-year-old company celebrated for its creation, repair, and maintenance of internationally iconic signs, sadly announces the passing of its distinguished board chairman, Thomas Young Jr., on June 30, 2023.

Michael T. Young, Executive Chairman of YESCO, shares the solemn news with a heavy heart, stating, “It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of my father and YESCO’s board chairman, Thomas Young Jr. My father’s life was a testament to unwavering dedication, not only to his family but also to his community. The Young family is committed to preserving and honoring his extraordinary legacy of service at YESCO and beyond.”

Thomas Young Jr. was the offspring of Elmina and Thomas Young Sr. Following YESCO’s establishment in 1920 by Thomas Young Sr. in Ogden, Utah, Thomas Young Jr. joined the company in 1942, at the tender age of fourteen. He epitomized the values of a servant leader, steering YESCO through decades of remarkable technological advancements and innovation.

A titan in the sign industry, Thomas Young Jr. ascended to the role of company president in 1969, eventually assuming the mantle of board chairman in 1988.

With an illustrious sixty-five years of dedicated service within the Salt Lake City Rotary Club, Thomas Young Jr. was honored as a second-generation Rotarian, following in the footsteps of his father, who had been a steadfast member of the chapter throughout his own career.

Embracing a fervent commitment to community service, he and his wife, Dwan Young, were distinguished recipients of the 2022 Summit Award bestowed by the club. The Summit Award, established in 2020, pays tribute to longstanding members of the Salt Lake City Rotary Club 24 who exemplify the Rotary motto of “service above self” and have made significant contributions to both the club and the community.

Jeff Young, Executive Vice President, pays homage to Thomas Young Jr.’s indelible impact, stating, “We pay our heartfelt tribute to Thomas Young Jr. for his unparalleled role in fostering the culture of service and excellence that YESCO upholds today. While his loss leaves a void that will be deeply felt, his extraordinary legacy of professional and personal achievement will serve as a timeless inspiration for every member of our team in the years to come.”