Successful 38-Year-Old Printing and Signage Business Thrives as Minuteman Press Franchise

Successful 38-Year-Old Printing and Signage Business Thrives as Minuteman Press Franchise缩略图

“38-Year-Old Avon Lake Printing and Signs Business Transitions to Minuteman Press Ownership”

Avon Lake Printing and Signs, a printing and signage business with a 38-year legacy, has undergone a change in ownership. Former owners Tom and Jane Brock have handed over the reins to new proprietors Majdolin Jasser, Jasser Jasser, and their son Fawzi Jasser, and the business is now operating as a comprehensive Minuteman Press franchise. You can still find the new Minuteman Press in Avon Lake at its familiar location, 227 Miller Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012.

Majdolin Jasser, one of the new owners, expressed her enthusiasm for the transition, stating, “Tom and Jane have served this community for 38 years and have created a business with a high reputation and a great legacy. We are looking forward to building on that legacy as we continue to serve Avon Lake clients and the community as Minuteman Press.”

Jane Brock, the seller, shared her perspective on the transition, noting that it began on May 30, 2023, and progressed smoothly. She emphasized the positive relationship with all parties involved and described the process as efficient and beneficial for everyone. She wished the Jasser family the best in their endeavors.

Tom Brock elaborated on the process that led to the sale, mentioning that they started discussions with Minuteman Press Regional VP Rich DeRosa in August 2022. He praised the reputation of Minuteman Press and commended Rich’s thorough explanation of their process. With Rich’s assistance, they swiftly found a buyer, and the selling process proceeded on schedule, ensuring a timely sale.

Tom and Jane extended their gratitude to the clients they’ve served for over 38 years and expressed hope that the Avon Lake community would offer the same support to the Jasser family.

The new owners, Majdolin, Jasser, and Fawzi, come from diverse backgrounds. Majdolin Jasser has 30 years of experience in the oil and gas upstream industry as a Petroleum Engineer, as well as ownership of residential rental properties. Jasser Jasser has managed family-owned businesses overseas and is currently overseeing their residential rental properties. Fawzi Jasser recently graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media and has two years of experience in graphic design and production from working at the university print shop.

Majdolin shared insights into their decision to purchase an established business, their interest in the B2B market, and the extensive research they conducted before finding the Avon Lake Printing and Signs business listing and connecting with Minuteman Press through Rich DeRosa. She praised the impressive and well-structured process provided by Minuteman Press and emphasized the essential training and tools that will support and grow the business in the future.

Majdolin concluded by highlighting the sense of responsibility they now have for their employees and customers, emphasizing the dual satisfaction of serving their customers and the financial rewards.

Reflecting on her experience with Minuteman Press, Majdolin commended Rich DeRosa’s knowledge and the effective, streamlined process. She expressed her confidence in the professional and skilled Minuteman Press staff who believe in the brand and are dedicated to its growth.

When asked for advice for prospective business buyers, Majdolin recommended thorough research before narrowing down options and a willingness to learn and retrain for the new venture.