Watchfire Designated as AVIXA CTS Renewal Unit Provider

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Watchfire Earns Official Recognition as AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) Renewal Unit (RU) Provider

Watchfire, a renowned provider of premium LED displays, has proudly secured its status as an official AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) Renewal Unit (RU) Provider. This distinction empowers AV professionals worldwide, possessing AVIXA’s CTS credential, to accrue renewal units towards the preservation of their certification by enrolling in specific Watchfire educational programs.

AVIXA CTS professionals are acknowledged for their aptitude in audiovisual knowledge and skills, their adherence to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct, and their commitment to upholding their certification through continuous learning.

The inaugural course, “Watchfire Pro AV Design and Installation Support,” will be part of Watchfire’s Service & Support Team Training and is scheduled for August 15 and 16 at their Danville, Illinois facility. The second day of this two-day course will be dedicated to Pro AV, aiming to equip System Integrators with a comprehensive understanding of designing and implementing Watchfire dvLED systems. It covers best practices for mounting, power, and long-term support and maintenance, ensuring years of dependable operation. The best part is that attendance comes at no cost.

Brian Smith, Pro AV Sales Director at Watchfire, expressed, “The AVIXA certification is another avenue through which Watchfire underscores its commitment to the Pro AV community. We are not only offering CTS Renewal Units for course completion but also CTS-D Renewal Units. These classes are open to anyone eager to explore Watchfire Pro AV and gain confidence in recommending Watchfire solutions.”

For over three decades, AVIXA has overseen the CTS program, recognized as the premier AV professional credential. This program comprises three credentials: general (CTS), design (CTS-D), and installation (CTS-I).

To gain approval, RU programs must feature experienced instructors with clear qualifications in the session topic. Each class must encompass at least one pertinent learning objective or industry-related purpose, align with a specific exam topic area and level, and culminate with an assessment tool to confirm participants’ grasp of the objectives. These stringent criteria undergo meticulous review by AVIXA’s Certification Renewal Unit Committee.

About the Certified Technology Specialist Credential

AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist, Certified Technology Specialist – Design, and Certified Technology Specialist – Installation are the only audiovisual certification programs accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), serving as the United States representative for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Furthermore, these programs are accepted by the U.S. Veterans Administration for reimbursement under the Montgomery G.I. Bill. They are meticulously designed to foster and sustain widespread credibility within the audiovisual industry and for the professionals who contribute to its success.

Certified individuals, including CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I, renew their credentials every three years through ongoing education, necessitating the accumulation of thirty renewal units (RUs).

About Watchfire

Watchfire specializes in the design and engineering of LED signs, indoor displays, digital billboards, and video scoreboards, enabling businesses and organizations to effectively communicate, enhance visibility, and foster growth.

With its headquarters in Danville, Illinois, Watchfire boasts over 90 years of experience in manufacturing electric signs and has been creating LED displays since 1998, meticulously sourcing components from around the world.

Watchfire’s impact extends globally, with over 65,000 LED signs in operation worldwide.