Enhancing Graphics Resizing Practices: A Survey Among Designers

Enhancing Graphics Resizing Practices: A Survey Among Designers缩略图

Santa Cruz Software Unveils Survey: Designers’ Struggles with Graphic Resizing

Santa Cruz Software, a prominent global player in software development for cross-media content publishing, recently conducted a comprehensive survey shedding light on the challenges faced by designers when resizing graphics. This struggle is particularly evident when designers are tasked with creating graphics for various ad networks or social media platforms. The survey, which included responses from over 350 designers, has unveiled some compelling insights.

Delegation vs. Personal Resizing:

The survey reveals that 51 percent of designers delegate the task of resizing graphics to someone else, while a significant 43 percent of designers opt to tackle the resizing process on their own. Among those who handle resizing personally, a staggering 85 percent admitted to struggling with the process, with an additional 22 percent finding it extremely frustrating.

Time Devoted to Resizing:

Designers dedicate substantial amounts of their work hours to resizing graphics, in some cases, even the majority of their time. Of those involved in resizing images, a staggering 76 percent spend a minimum of 20 hours per week on this task, and more than half (52 percent) spend at least 30 hours weekly.

Scope of Projects:

The scope of projects undertaken by designers appears to be a significant factor contributing to the time spent on resizing. A remarkable 87 percent of designers typically create a minimum of four graphics for a single project, with 33 percent regularly producing at least seven.

The Need for Responsive Design Tools:

According to the survey, 96 percent of designers express the need for an effective responsive design tool. Additionally, three-quarters (75 percent) believe that such a tool would significantly impact their job, with 34 percent even deeming it “life-changing.”

Recognition of the Problem:

Designers are acutely aware of the challenges they face in the process of resizing graphics for various dimensions, with over 90 percent acknowledging the need for improvements in their workflows.

Future Solutions:

Santa Cruz Software’s CEO, Mark Hilton, understands the frustrations designers face due to monotonous tasks that hinder their creative potential. The company is currently developing an innovative solution aimed at drastically reducing the time designers spend on resizing graphics for digital marketing and social media campaigns, with an official announcement expected in the coming months.

Types of Graphics Created:

As for the types of graphics designers are creating, the survey found that 75 percent are involved in crafting social media ads, 59 percent in display ads, 59 percent in social media graphics, and 42 percent in website graphics.

In conclusion, this survey conducted by Santa Cruz Software offers a comprehensive look into the challenges designers face when resizing graphics for various digital platforms and marketing campaigns. It underscores the need for more efficient tools and solutions in the design industry, and the anticipation of Santa Cruz Software’s upcoming announcement adds an element of excitement for designers seeking relief from this time-consuming task.

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