Enhanced Delta Center Signage: A Fresh Look

Enhanced Delta Center Signage: A Fresh Look缩略图

YESCO installed new signage at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

YESCO, the 103-year-old company known for creating, repairing, and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, recently completed the fabrication and installation of 10 new pieces of signage for Delta Center in Salt Lake City—home of the Utah Jazz NBA franchise and more than 320 days of sports and entertainment events each year.

As part of the new partnership between the Jazz and Delta Air Lines, which officially kicked off on July 1, guests can now view the airline’s nostalgic return to the iconic venue.

The project, encompassing more than 500 man-hours over a nine-week-long period, included the addition of 5,000 white LEDs inside the building’s 72 exterior letters and cabinets.

delta_center_52937270327 Bird’s eye view of the install.

Constructed from durable aluminum material, the six exterior signs at the Delta Center showcase the vibrant Delta Air Lines colors. These colors are skillfully painted on perforated vinyl, creating a stunning visual effect. In daylight, the signs display striking blue and red hues, while after dark, all the letters come to life in a brilliant white glow. Notably, the largest of these exterior letters stand at an impressive height of over six feet.

The interior portion of the signage project at the Delta Center involved the fabrication and installation of four remarkable seventeen-foot-long LED illuminated signs, adding a captivating and modern touch to the venue.

In addition to this notable Delta Center project, YESCO had previously collaborated with Delta Air Lines to provide signage at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Furthermore, YESCO has a longstanding history of partnership with the Utah Jazz, having worked on various sign projects for the team over the years. This rich tapestry of collaborations underscores YESCO’s reputation as a trusted and versatile partner in the world of signage and branding.

delta_center_52938313203 During the day, blue and red colors are visible, and at night, all letters illuminate white.

Brian Brown, Senior Account Executive at YESCO, expressed gratitude for being entrusted with the Delta Center rebranding project, stating, “With Jazz games and world-class events gracing this arena, the Delta Center signage will enjoy the highest visibility on TV and in the media compared to any other signs in Utah.”