Vycom® Sets New Recycling Milestone: 6,500 Pounds of PVC and Acrylic Collected at ISA International Sign Expo 2023

Vycom® Sets New Recycling Milestone: 6,500 Pounds of PVC and Acrylic Collected at ISA International Sign Expo 2023缩略图

Vycom® successfully concluded another recycling program tailored for exhibitors employing rigid PVC and acrylic materials at the ISA International Sign Expo 2023, held in Las Vegas from April 12-14, 2023. A notable achievement, Vycom gathered 1,350 pounds of rigid PVC and acrylic scrap from the event floor.

To facilitate recycling, designated collection bins were strategically placed in partner OEM booths, such as Canon, CET Color, Cutworx, Fluid Color, Kongsberg, and Mimaki. This initiative resulted in doubling the number of recycling participants compared to the 2022 show.

Collaborating with ISA, Mandalay Bay, and Freeman—serving as the official event services provider—the program efficiently collected printed and cut sheets, scraps, and trim, storing them in the ISA Green Zone before returning the materials to Vycom for recycling and processing.

This marks the third instance in which Vycom has executed a recycling program focused on rigid PVC and acrylic materials at sign and graphics exhibitions. With a cumulative collection of over 6,500 pounds of material across three shows within a one-year period, Vycom is actively contributing to sustainability efforts.

The collected scrap material will undergo reprocessing to manufacture the company’s internal products, ensuring a responsible disposal method and averting contributions to landfills.

Remarkably, the recycling program was provided at no cost to participating exhibitors at the International Sign Expo 2023, establishing a mutually beneficial outcome for print service providers, customers, and the environment.

Vycom is pioneering the industry’s transformation toward a more sustainable future by offering the Vycom Recycling Program. Specifically designed for printed and unprinted rigid PVC, acrylic, and HDPE sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating, the program encourages users of these materials to collaborate with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection. This collected signage and scrap are then returned to Vycom’s recycling facilities, contributing to the creation of the company’s residential and commercial outdoor living and exterior products while preventing these materials from ending up in landfills.