Acrylic 3D Letters and LED Lighting

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Enhance your signage with Acrylic 3D Letters accompanied by LED lighting, a modern and eye-catching option ideal for storefronts, office buildings, and commercial spaces. Crafted meticulously from high-grade acrylic, renowned for its durability and feather-light weight, these letters set a new standard for excellence. Resistant to discoloration, cracking, and fracturing, they promise enduring quality.

The three-dimensional arrangement of these letters adds a captivating quality, further heightened by the incorporation of LED lighting, which introduces an additional layer of aesthetic appeal. Versatile and customizable, these letters can be tailored to your specific requirements, including dimensions, fonts, and colors, seamlessly integrating with your brand identity and design preferences. Their ability to adhere to any surface makes them sought-after for both indoor and outdoor use.

With LED lighting, the possibilities for customization are expanded, offering a range of color and lighting effects to enhance visibility and prominence. Beyond their visual appeal, these letters offer practical functionality. The LED lighting ensures visibility during low-light conditions, making them suitable for storefronts and similar environments requiring nighttime visibility. Additionally, the acrylic material’s ease of maintenance ensures that the letters retain their pristine appearance for years to come.

In summary, acrylic 3D letters with LED lighting are a sophisticated and impactful signage option, guaranteed to make a memorable impression on patrons and clientele alike. Whether you aim to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your establishment or add a touch of sophistication to your corporate space, these letters are a discerning choice.

Manufactured by IS LED SIGN, the Acrylic Letters Manufacturers, our Acrylic 3D Letters With LED are available for both interior and exterior signage. Featuring clean polished edges and a variety of font options, they are easy to install with studs and an installation pattern. Explore our range of finishes and elevate your signage today.

Transform your signage with Acrylic Channel Letters that break away from flat designs. Our fully custom 3D Channel Letters allow any shape or letter to be formed into a three-dimensional object, creating signage that stands out as a work of art. Contact us to learn more about our customization options and elevate your signage to new heights.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: Custom
  • Light source: LED Strips/Modules
  • Finsh: Painted to match Pantone Color
  • Install: Pin Fixed to Wall

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