Tormach Extends Generous $2,000 Free Tooling Offer to Customers

Tormach Extends Generous $2,000 Free Tooling Offer to Customers缩略图

Tormach, a leading supplier of CNC machines, tooling, and automation, is demonstrating its appreciation for customers with an enticing offer during its first-ever Customer Appreciation Event, which runs through August 31. This exclusive promotion presents an opportunity to receive $2,000 worth of free tooling and toolholding with the purchase of most Tormach machines, showing gratitude to the loyal customer base that has trusted the brand for many years.

The promotion encompasses a wide range of Tormach equipment, including mills, routers, and lathes. Additionally, for those investing in a ZA6 robot, $2,000 worth of robot tooling will be provided at no extra cost. Furthermore, Tormach is extending a $2,000 discount to those who purchase a Tormach plasma cutter in conjunction with a plasma table.

Tormach’s CEO, Daniel Rogge, expressed his appreciation, stating, “This special promotion is a big ‘thank you’ to our incredible community of loyal customers for trusting us as their manufacturing partners for many years.” Rogge emphasized the vital role customers play in the company’s success, acknowledging that their satisfaction and productivity are directly tied to Tormach’s growth. The offer is a testament to Tormach’s commitment to rewarding its customers for their unwavering support.

In alignment with its core values, Tormach seeks to make CNC machines more accessible to a broader audience. Rogge added, “It is our mission to help people make things—and we are thrilled when people put their faith in our machines to help them realize their goals. We are an unconventional company that makes highly capable yet affordable machines; our customers appreciate that—and for that, we are eager to extend this additional reward to them.”

To benefit from this promotion, customers can simply enter the discount code CA2023 when configuring their machine on and selecting their preferred tooling or plasma cutter. It’s important to note that the Tormach xsTECH desktop CNC router and AF50 Bandsaw are not included in this special offer.

For customers who don’t require a new machine but are purchasing tooling, workholding, consumables, or other items at, there’s still a gift in store. They can choose two free Tormach Gear items, including items like mugs, hats, shirts, and more, with any purchase exceeding $250. Even those who qualify for the free tooling offer on machine purchases are eligible for this additional benefit. Notably, Tormach Gear items do not count toward the $250 merchandise total required for this offer, and discounts are applied to the lowest-cost items if more than two Gear items are added to the cart.