Exclusive SAi Software Promotion: Elevate Your Printing Experience with Mimaki

Exclusive SAi Software Promotion: Elevate Your Printing Experience with Mimaki缩略图

SA International (SAi), a renowned provider of software solutions for the sign making, digital printing, textile, and CNC machining industries, has partnered with Mimaki to introduce an enticing summer software promotion for customers in North America. This promotion, known as the FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition Bundle, extends to a diverse range of Mimaki printers and laminators* and is valid until August 28, 2023. It offers customers who have purchased qualifying equipment after July 1, 2023, the opportunity to obtain a license for SAi’s FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition, a software package valued at US$599.99.

The FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition is a robust vector graphics editor that empowers users to craft high-quality designs for printing and cutting. When paired with Mimaki Print and Cut products, it provides an economical solution for a comprehensive sign and graphics workflow. Unlike the standard SAi FlexiDESIGN software, which lacks contour cutting capabilities, the FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition facilitates the direct transfer of files to a Mimaki cutter, offering added convenience to sign and display professionals and large format printing users.

Annette Plummer, Vice President of Marketing at SAi, highlights the software’s purpose, saying, “We have designed FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition to specifically enable users of Mimaki large format printers to get the most out of their equipment and drive efficiencies during the design and production of large format print applications. Via an easy-to-use interface, this program offers users a feature-rich sign design and print software for their design, RIP, vinyl cut, and print & cut package needs.”

The FlexiDESIGN Mimaki Edition Bundle includes a voucher for an initial one-year software subscription license, which will renew at a cost of US$599.99 per year. Alternatively, customers have the flexibility to opt for a monthly subscription priced at US$49.99 per month, starting 365 days after activation.

To activate the promotion and receive their software, Mimaki users are required to register their printer or cutter with Mimaki USA. Registration is a prerequisite for qualifying for a license under this promotion.

*The complete range of qualifying equipment includes the CJV330-130, CJV330-160, CJV330-160-NS-111, CJV330-130-NS-111, JV330-130, JV330-160, JV330-160-NS-111, JV330-130-NS-111, CJV150-130, CJV150-160, CJV300-130Plus, CJV300-160Plus, UCJV300-130, UJV100-160, JV100-160C, JV300-160Plus, JV100-160C+LA-160W Bundle, UJV100-160+LA-160W Bundle, JV100-160C, JV300-160Plus, JV100-160C+LA-160W Bundle, and UJV100-160+LA-160W Bundle.