Revitalizing The First Academy’s Sports Facilities with Cutting-Edge Digital Signage Upgrade

Revitalizing The First Academy’s Sports Facilities with Cutting-Edge Digital Signage Upgrade缩略图

The First Academy, a private K–12 school located in southwest Orlando, Florida, has undertaken a substantial upgrade to its athletic facilities by replacing an aging scoreboard with a state-of-the-art LED videoboard at Kroy Crofoot Field, their football and lacrosse stadium. The First Academy is an esteemed member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), and this digital signage enhancement forms part of a multi-phase renovation project for the school’s Payne Stewart Athletic Complex, which encompasses baseball, softball, practice fields, a track, and a stadium. Remarkably, this upgrade marks the first significant improvement to The First Academy’s sports facilities in over two decades.

Bo Burgess, who serves as the Sports Information Coordinator and Director of Football Operations for The First Academy, expressed the need for this upgrade, stating, “Our old scoreboard has been deteriorating over the past four to five years. We’re eagerly anticipating the vibrant atmosphere it will help us create, along with its potential for generating revenue.”

The project received valuable support from Anthony James Partners (AJP), acting as the owner’s representative, offering essential design and procurement services. AJP played a crucial role in assisting The First Academy in choosing SNA Displays as the manufacturer for the new videoboard, featuring advanced 10mm pixel pitch EMPIRE™ Exterior LED video display technology. The installation was carried out by American & Interstate Signcrafters.

The brand-new LED videoboard, which stands as a symbol of progress and innovation, is an impressive 16-feet-6-inches in height and 27-feet-4-inches in width, boasting a display resolution of 504 by 832 pixels—equivalent to nearly 420,000 pixels. Additionally, it incorporates a seven-segment digit scoreboard and prominent sponsorship channel lettering.

“We take great pride in collaborating with local schools to elevate the game day experience for their fans,” shared AJ Faxel, the Director of Sports and Live Events at SNA Displays, reflecting on the significance of this digital signage upgrade. “Friday night lights are a highlight for many student-athletes and their parents, and it’s truly gratifying to be part of projects that illuminate and enhance these types of venues.”