Roland DG Makes a Striking Entry into the Digital Wallpaper Printing Industry

Roland DG Makes a Striking Entry into the Digital Wallpaper Printing Industry缩略图

In a significant move, Roland DG Corporation, a global leader in wide format inkjet printers for advertising and signage and 3D tools for manufacturing, has announced the acquisition of shares in UAB Dimense print, a subsidiary of UAB VEIKA. UAB VEIKA is a renowned manufacturer and vendor of wallpaper-related products, with its headquarters located in Vilnius, Lithuania. This strategic acquisition reflects Roland DG’s commitment to the “Digital and Co-creation” vision outlined in their midterm business plan for 2021-2023.

As part of their ongoing transformation efforts to become a more agile and streamlined organization, Roland DG is actively diversifying its business portfolio and exploring avenues for growth through strategic investments and M&A activities. The acquisition of a 50.1 percent stake in UAB Dimense print, known for its expertise in chemical technology and innovative digital printing embossing solutions tailored for the wallpaper industry, is a key step in this direction. This initiative underscores Roland DG’s ambition to pioneer the future and establish new core businesses within the industry.


The realm of digital wallpaper printing, although not yet fully entrenched, presents a promising frontier characterized by an escalating demand for personalization and imminent market expansion. For Roland DG, this juncture is the ideal moment for its official foray into the sector. Notably, the innovative embossing technology underlying this endeavor holds vast potential, capable of infusing texture and depth into a myriad of printed applications, including gypsum molds.

Roland DG is determined to fortify its position in the wallpaper market by sustaining the development, sales, and support of DIMENSE™ and Ecodeco™, both proprietary technologies stemming from UAB Dimense print. By harnessing UAB VEIKA’s exceptional technical prowess and synergizing it with Roland DG’s manufacturing expertise and global-scale sales network, the company is poised to propel the evolution and adoption of distinctive, high-value-added digital printing solutions. The overarching aim is to significantly broaden the market’s horizons by leveraging these combined strengths.

This strategic move will afford Roland DG access to a formidable amalgamation of ink and wallpaper-related technological capabilities encompassing both the target company and its parent entity, UAB VEIKA.

Expressing his thoughts on this milestone, Roland DG Corporation President and Representative Director, Kohei Tanabe, remarked, “The day I first encountered DIMENSE’s groundbreaking wallpaper solution back in 2019 remains vivid in my memory. Today’s announcement signifies the momentous convergence of our mission, which revolves around ‘Bringing new opportunities to society through digital technology,’ and our purpose, ‘To Empower Creativity and Excitement Worldwide,’ aligning perfectly with DIMENSE’s distinctive and innovative digital embossing printing solution.

“Throughout the negotiation process, I have been inspired by the shared passion to unite forces and kindle global enthusiasm. Roland DG has maintained an unwavering trajectory of growth through digitalization and market creation. Now, I am honored to embark on this journey, jointly nurturing the embossing market, including wallpapers, through the acquisition of UAB Dimense print shares.”


Digital Wallpaper: A Promising Partnership

“VEIKA and Roland DG have been solid business partners since 2015,” affirmed UAB VEIKA CEO Aleksey Etin. “I see this collaborative journey with Roland DG as a remarkable opportunity to harness the best of both companies. Roland DG brings its exceptional printer development expertise and worldwide distribution capabilities to the table, while VEIKA offers its invaluable knowledge in inks and media development. This partnership is poised to accelerate the advancement of DIMENSE™ and Ecodeco™ technologies, elevating them to new heights.

It’s a great honor to have earned the trust of a distinguished partner like Roland DG, and I am thrilled that we’ve reached this agreement. I firmly believe that it will prove highly advantageous for everyone involved, including our esteemed partners, customers, and suppliers.”

For the foreseeable future, the current business structure will remain unchanged as both companies actively pursue integration. There are no imminent alterations planned for our valued clients and suppliers.

Further information regarding the timing and approach for launching new products will be communicated as soon as they are finalized.