SA International Launches Adendo: Elevating Learning and Development for SAi Flexi Users in North America

SA International Launches Adendo: Elevating Learning and Development for SAi Flexi Users in North America缩略图

SA International (SAi), a leading provider of software solutions for the professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing, and CAD/CAM machining industries, has recently unveiled an enhanced and expanded Adendo program in the United States and Canada. Adendo now encompasses a comprehensive array of learning and development services for SAi Flexi users, with a focus on providing both online and in-person training, along with an enriched Flexi User Community.

Heading this new training initiative is Mark Rugen, who has returned to SAi as the Managing Director of Learning & Development.

Adendo comprises three major components: online training, live virtual or on-site training, and the Flexi User Community.

The online “ecourse” offering features extended, pre-recorded, self-paced training modules suitable for both experienced operators and new users seeking initial EnRoute or Flexi training. Free courses such as “Designing Vehicle Wraps in Flexi” and “Antivirus Software and Flexi” are available, along with comprehensive courses like “Learn Flexi in 3-Hours,” “Full Flexi Training with Mark Rugen,” and “EnRoute Basics.” This platform will continue to expand as additional courses are introduced.

The “Virtual Training” option allows companies to book live online training sessions, ranging from 30 minutes to several hours, providing personalized instruction, videos, problem-solving, and discussions on specific issues. Adendo advisors specialize in assisting Flexi users with new software versions, applications, and equipment types, tailoring their expertise to areas such as vehicle wraps, vinyl cutting, graphic design, and 2D, 2.5D, and 3D design. Device-specific training is also available for printers from major brands like HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and others.

For larger companies or those with specific training needs, on-site training is a tailored option that brings high-level personalized instruction directly to the users’ location.

The newly introduced Flexi User Community is a private, professional subscription-based user group ($9.99/month), offering a platform for Flexi users to share best practices, discuss applications, explore new techniques, and seek advice from expert users and SAi staff. This community, monitored by market mentors, expert advisors, and professional users, goes beyond typical social media groups, providing exclusive insights, interactions, and training. Members gain access to downloads, videos, and webinars not available elsewhere, along with significant discounts on online courses.

Mark Rugen emphasizes that the Adendo program is a unique offering in the signmaking sector, providing SAi Flexi users with a wealth of training materials to foster continuous improvement and business growth.