Sheraton Lion Lake Hotel

Yijie Hongtai Lion Lake integrates five-star hotels, high-end real estate, golf courses, hot spring clubs, yacht clubs and other high-end projects. The project is located near the Henghe exit of Guangqing Expressway, with traffic radiating to the whole province and not far from Huadu Airport. In terms of architectural style, Lion Lake Mansion Villa is based on Southern California style, and cleverly uses neoclassical elements and integrates modern techniques, making the villa both simple and natural, and full of modern aesthetic value.


Service content: The guide design of the Lion Lake Resort borrows the Arab art style, blending Eastern and Western cultural elements, and the original ecological terrain of the golf course gives the design more creative space and modeling elements. It shows a sense of heaviness and quality. The Sheraton Hotel, Lion Lake Apartments and Villas under the Lion Lake Group, as well as golf courses and leisure clubs have their own unique layouts and designs in the entire project planning. In the wayfinding planning, the internal orientation of each sub-item should be considered, and at the same time, it should be systematically guided to the large-scale traffic arteries. In terms of design, while retaining the characteristic styles of their respective designs, it is also necessary to unify the overall environment. According to the architectural characteristics of each sub-project, the wayfinding planning integrates architecture, space and orientation, and takes systematic planning first to standardize, clarify and systematize the overall wayfinding system.

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Customer evaluation: The entire signage system gives people an ecological and leisurely look and feel. It is a set of original but very delicate signage. The rounded arc reduces its commercial sense and increases the sense of leisure. The brand style is unified but different.