Shenzhen Langqi Zhanyun Seaside Resort Hotel

Langqi Zhanyun Seaside Resort Hotel is located in Judiaosha, Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen, between Dapeng Peninsula, the most beautiful peninsula in China, and Daya Bay, which is known as the eight most beautiful sea areas in China. Backed by lush green hills, facing the boundless sea. Due to the difference in terrain height, the hotel is just embedded between the mountains and the sea, and the main body of the building is solved below the urban road elevation, which can hide the hotel well.


Service content: Langqi Zhanyun Seaside Resort Hotel in Dapeng New District, known as “Shenzhen’s Back Garden”, has a beautiful scenery outside the hotel, 275 180° sea view rooms, and a unique hotel sign guide, allowing visitors to Experience vivid island life in a peaceful and relaxing way. It is surrounded by mountains and seas, with Southeast Asian garden design, and the signage system perfectly integrates modern romantic vacations with Southeast Asian tropical style.

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Customer evaluation: The hotel lobby, self-service check-in, Yunshang restaurant, gym, swimming pool, Internet celebrity platform and other spaces have maintained a full connection with the hotel building through the signs and signs, giving a flexible and open dynamic experience to different types of activities. Visitors can freely roam and explore in different spaces, allowing curiosity to be fully satisfied.