Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Signs design and Effect

Shenzhen Bay No. 1 is located in Shenzhen Bay, China, on the west bank of Houhai Talent Park. Backed by the bustling core of the city, it faces the front line of the sea and sky. Composed of 8 towers and 1 commercial building, it will be built as a landmark of the coastal complex with a total construction area of 475,000 square meters. The property forms include top apartments, high-end businesses, Singapore Raffles Hotel, headquarters office buildings and clubhouses. The main tower building is about 350 meters high, and it is the ultimate location, only to create the No. 1 work in the World Bay Area.


Service content: Shenzhen Bay No. 1, as a landmark real estate project in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, represents the appearance and spirit of the city, and at the same time reflects the outstanding achievements of the designers in architectural art. ACPSIGNS undertook the production and installation of the overall wayfinding system of Shenzhen Bay No. 1, creating a unique visual identification system.
Customer evaluation: Focusing on improving the overall architectural space and design taste of the wayfinding system of Shenzhen Bay No. 1, a variety of signs have been produced, combining practicality and exquisite style, which greatly meets the needs of simplicity, clarity and flexibility. requirements, help users easily navigate the entire space, virtually shape the brand image of Shenzhen Bay, and improve brand standards.