Revolutionizing the Game-Day Experience: Lake Travis High School’s High-Tech Videoboard

Revolutionizing the Game-Day Experience: Lake Travis High School’s High-Tech Videoboard缩略图

Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas, holds a unique distinction as the only high school to achieve five consecutive state football titles in the fiercely competitive state of Texas. To enhance the game-day experience for athletes, students, and fans, the school recently installed a massive 24-by-40-foot video scoreboard, expertly crafted by Watchfire. This state-of-the-art videoboard has transformed Cavalier Stadium, offering a professional-level experience for all who attend.

Replacing a smaller and less versatile combination videoboard/analog scoreboard located in the end zone of the 8,000-seat stadium, this new 16mm videoboard has redefined how Lake Travis High School showcases its sporting events. Michael Drinkwater, assistant athletic director at Lake Travis Independent School District, noted, “We felt that a new video scoreboard would give fans a more exciting game experience and would allow us to better highlight our athletes and our supporters in the community.” Their thorough research led them to choose Watchfire, known for its successful projects, such as the renowned Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

One of the standout features of this high-definition video scoreboard is its ability to present crystal-clear videos, photos, and animations that ignite the crowd’s enthusiasm while recognizing sponsors. During the pre-game festivities, the scoreboard captivates the audience with videos of the team’s dramatic entrance, NFL-style player profiles, and a pre-game field goal challenge that engages fans. Throughout the game, the scoreboard showcases plays from five different cameras, including aerial shots captured by a drone.

“It’s the closest thing to an ESPN college atmosphere that you can find at this level,” expressed Drinkwater. The scoreboard’s cameras also contribute to crowd engagement, offering sideline footage, a dance cam, a smile cam, and even a half-time student sing-along. The continuous flow of music and other audio between plays, in addition to forty-five different Lake Travis logo graphics and animations, ensures fans remain thoroughly engaged.

Remarkably, students from the school’s Broadcast Department play an integral role in content creation and scoreboard operation, providing them with valuable career experience. The project was made possible through sponsorships from advertisers who receive thirty-second commercials during the games. “Over the years, sponsorship dollars have gone into an account, which provided the funds for the new board,” explained Drinkwater, who also highlighted the increased flexibility for additional sponsors that the new videoboard offers.

Beyond football games, this versatile videoboard serves multiple purposes, including events like graduations and signing ceremonies for collegiate sports scholarships. These events feature graphics that showcase the athlete’s accomplishments, action shots, and highlight videos.

In the words of Jeff Morgan, national sales director for Sports at Watchfire, “This is more than a scoreboard; it’s a fan experience system that supports Lake Travis’s proud sports legacy.” Lake Travis High School’s passion for high school football, a defining feature of Texas sports culture, is vividly reflected in the technology they have chosen, and Watchfire is honored to be a part of this exciting journey.