FASTSIGNS: A Year of Success with ‘Make Your Statement’ Rebranding Campaign

FASTSIGNS: A Year of Success with ‘Make Your Statement’ Rebranding Campaign缩略图

Last year, FASTSIGNS unveiled an impactful rebranding effort with its “Make Your Statement” campaign. This comprehensive, multi-channel campaign encompassed various platforms such as TV, online video, social media, email, and branding. Its primary aim was to illustrate how FASTSIGNS could empower customers to express themselves through signs and graphics that have the power to transform a space or business environment.

With the expert assistance of Rodgers Townsend and leveraging market research conducted by MDRG, the FASTSIGNS team embarked on a mission to revitalize their brand image while amplifying their focus on customer-centricity, reinforcing their strengths, and positioning the brand for future success.

One year following the launch of “Make Your Statement,” this award-winning rebranding campaign achieved remarkable success, including:

  • A substantial 14 percent increase in brand awareness among small businesses.
  • A 5 percent boost in consideration among non-users.
  • A remarkable 22 percent increase in ad recall.
  • An impressive 81 percent expansion in the reach achieved through TV advertising.

The “Make Your Statement” campaign continues to build upon FASTSIGNS’ well-established reputation as the go-to provider of visual identity solutions for businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries.

Crafted by the skilled team at Rodgers Townsend, in alignment with market insights gathered by MDRG, this rebranding campaign prominently showcases the broad spectrum of visual solutions offered by FASTSIGNS. These solutions range from large-scale exterior signage to interior wayfinding and decor, vehicle graphics, flooring applications, and essentially any surface or space where a business seeks to convey its identity and deliver a memorable experience to team members and customers alike.

Extensive market research conducted by MDRG uncovered a prevalent concern among customers regarding their sign and graphics projects. Many feared that these projects could significantly impact their business’s future and reputation. In response, FASTSIGNS reassured customers that they were there to alleviate their concerns, instill confidence in the quality of their work, and deliver end-to-end solutions that not only met but exceeded their expectations in every conceivable way.