Revitalizing the Texas A&M Foundation: A Contemporary and Invigorating Experience

Revitalizing the Texas A&M Foundation: A Contemporary and Invigorating Experience缩略图

The Texas A&M Foundation, a philanthropic organization, aimed to modernize and create a welcoming atmosphere for its headquarters located in the Jon L. Hagler Center on the Texas A&M campus. To achieve this transformation, the Foundation’s stakeholders collaborated with Dimensional Innovations, a comprehensive Design + Build company based in Overland Park, Kansas, comprising 270 members. Together with their partners, they led a comprehensive experiential design overhaul for the facility, incorporating various elements of branding and architectural signage. This collaboration ensured that the updated interior of the center reflected the distinctive “Aggie-ism,” capturing the spirit of Texas A&M University. All visual representations are provided courtesy of Dimensional Innovations.

DI_TexasAnM_LeadByExample “Lead Be Example” backlit letters.

Beyond serving as a workspace for staff, the Jon L. Hagler Center plays a pivotal role in hosting a diverse array of events for students and faculty. Furthermore, its strategic proximity to the heart of the campus results in a significant influx of alumni traffic, particularly on game days.

In collaboration with Dimensional Innovations, the design endeavors for the center were meticulously executed to not only enhance the interior with a contemporary flair that accentuates the distinctive “Aggie-ism” but also to preserve the classic and grandiose framework of the space. This thoughtful approach ensures that the center remains versatile, catering to both the functional needs of staff and the vibrant atmosphere of events, all while being a welcoming hub for alumni during the excitement of game days.

DI_TexasAnM_Legacy_Map The Legacy Map spotlights the Texas A&M Foundation’s connection and impact on campus.

The Dimensional Innovations team collaborated seamlessly with architectural firms TreanorHL and PlanNorth Architectural Co. to spearhead the comprehensive transformation of the building. Their collective effort aimed to not only mirror the core values and rich history of the Texas A&M Foundation but also to establish the facility as a contemporary and inviting space that pays tribute to donors and appeals to present-day students.

A notable example of this collaboration is the striking Grand Stair feature positioned at the rear of the main staircase. This visually captivating element embodies the university’s core values through the use of dimensional gold letters. Dimensional Innovations played a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity of the stacked, free-standing sculpture while also ensuring its compliance with ADA standards. This meticulous attention to detail underscores the commitment to both aesthetic excellence and practical considerations in the design process.

DI_TexasAnM_GrandStair_1 Dimensional gold letters located behind the main staircase exemplify the Texas A&M Foundation’s core values.

The collaborative team, consisting of Dimensional Innovations, TreanorHL, and PlanNorth Architectural Co., extended their expertise to craft a variety of branded elements and interactive features throughout the expansive three-story building.

Noteworthy examples include a digital kiosk designed for enhanced donor recognition, displaying the expanding list of contributors that have outgrown the capacity of the building’s limestone tribute wall. The Legacy Map, a sculptural element strategically placed to highlight the Texas A&M Foundation’s profound connection and impact on the campus, stands as another distinctive creation. Additionally, the Legacy Wall was meticulously designed to narrate the history behind the Foundation’s premier donor programs and societies, providing a visually compelling testament to the institution’s journey and achievements. These thoughtful additions contribute to the overall experiential design, creating a dynamic and engaging environment within the Jon L. Hagler Center.

DI_TexasAnM_Kiosk_Legacy Digital kiosk donor recognition.

The Jon L. Hagler Center houses a groundbreaking tribute on its upper level, dedicated to recipients of the Evan’s Medal—the Foundation’s most esteemed and prestigious honor bestowed upon donors. This distinctive tribute stands as a first-of-its-kind acknowledgment within the center, underscoring the significance and reverence accorded to those who have earned this highest honor.

DI_TexasAnM_Evans_Medal The Evan’s Medal tribute.

Dimensional Innovations demonstrated a mastery of cohesive branded storytelling through a range of impactful design elements. Notable examples include frosted vinyl window treatments, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. The “Lead By Example” wall, with its backlit presentation, serves as a powerful focal point, embodying the ethos of the institution. Branded glass wall plaques contribute to the immersive experience, seamlessly integrating the brand narrative into the physical environment. Complementing these, additional backlit dimensional graphics and logos further enrich the visual landscape, collectively creating a harmonious and engaging ambiance within the Jon L. Hagler Center.

DI_TexasAnM_FrostedWindows Frosted vinyl window treatments featuring Texas A&M Foundation branding.

John Huser, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Texas A&M Foundation, expressed the organization’s vision succinctly, stating, “We were seeking to honor our past while cultivating our future within a space that seamlessly blends approachability with modernity. Dimensional Innovations presented just the right vision for this transformative endeavor.”