Empowering Women in Print: PRINTING United Alliance Celebrates Women’s History Month and the Evolution of Female Leadership in the Printing Industry

Empowering Women in Print: PRINTING United Alliance Celebrates Women’s History Month and the Evolution of Female Leadership in the Printing Industry缩略图

PRINTING United Alliance, the preeminent member-based association in the U.S. for printing and graphic arts, proudly announces its extensive celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, the organization will feature a dynamic lineup of conversations with industry advocates, dedicated content, a special podcast series, and other planned initiatives.

Under the guidance of Lisbeth Lyons Black, the Women in Print Alliance is experiencing exciting developments. The Alliance aims to honor and acknowledge women’s contributions to the printing industry, recognizing the living history being made by veterans and newcomers alike.

A special podcast series, hosted by Editorial Director Denise M. Gustavson, will air for the second consecutive year in March. The Impressions Xchange Podcast Series will showcase twenty remarkable women from the industry on platforms such as Printing Impressions, Apple, and Spotify. Notable interviews include Lisbeth Lyons Black, Director of the Women in Print Alliance, Jenny Harris, EVP and Co-Founder of Phase3, Terry Monday, Chief Strategy Officer of Imagine, and other influential figures.

The celebration extends to editorial features across Alliance media publications and outlets. In-plant Impressions’ March/April issue will spotlight three in-plants led entirely by women, emphasizing “Strong Women Standing Out in a Man’s World.” Packaging Impressions will feature a profile of different women in package printing every Wednesday in March. The Apparelist will showcase women-owned apparel decorators, highlighting their impact not only as decorators but also as educators.

The Women in Print Alliance, now spearheaded by Lisbeth Lyons Black, is making notable strides. This includes the launch of a dedicated LinkedIn channel, a redesigned website, and the upcoming release of a focused newsletter. Women in the industry are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter to receive it upon its launch in the coming weeks.

To further celebrate and recognize the contributions of women in the printing industry, the Women in Print Alliance will conduct a month-long social media campaign on LinkedIn, employing the hashtag #WomenMakingPrintHistory. This initiative aims to foster dialogue and engagement within the community.

Excitingly, numerous women-focused events are scheduled at the upcoming PRINTING United Expo, taking place from October 18-20 in Atlanta. More information about these events will be shared in the coming months.

Lisbeth Lyons Black reflects on the significance of women in the print industry, noting that the “living history” is shaped by both veteran leaders and newcomers. With more female role models and increasing gender diversity in printing companies, the industry continues to evolve, with women today building upon the success stories of those who paved the way before them.