Remington Park Races Ahead with Daktronics: Cutting-Edge LED Displays Set to Transform the Spectator Experience

Remington Park, the pioneering parimutuel track in Oklahoma, has enlisted the expertise of Daktronics from Brookings, South Dakota, to conceive, construct, and install cutting-edge LED displays at its Oklahoma City venue. The installation of these state-of-the-art video displays is scheduled for the summer of 2023, with the aim of enhancing the overall spectator experience during the fall races.

Expressing enthusiasm for this technological advancement, Matt Vance, Remington Park’s Executive Vice President of Racing Operations, stated, “Remington Park is thrilled to have Daktronics refresh our high-definition infield display screens. Our guests have enjoyed the presentation these screens offer during racing and other events since 2011, and we look forward to this amenity upgrade.”

The primary video display, situated in the heart of the racetrack, will boast dimensions of approximately 34.5 feet in height and 61 feet in width. Additionally, a new tote display, measuring nearly 18 feet in height and 61 feet in width, will be incorporated. Both displays feature 10-millimeter pixel spacing, ensuring exceptional image clarity and contrast to keep viewers informed and engaged with the live racing action.

Perry Grave, a sales representative at Daktronics, expressed the company’s commitment to delivering superior products and services to Remington Park, stating, “We’ve been delivering top-notch products and services to Remington Park for a number of years, and we’re excited to continue our long-standing partnership with this new installation. It’s going to be a great addition to an already fantastic venue with improved resolution and improved brightness that will be noticeable to their viewers.”

The Remington Park LED displays are designed with variable content zoning capabilities, allowing each display to showcase either one large image or be segmented into multiple zones for diverse content. The displays can feature live video, instant replays, photo finishes, up-to-the-minute odds and racing information, graphics, animations, and sponsorship messages.

To manage these dynamic displays seamlessly, a customized Daktronics control solution, inclusive of the Venus Control Suite, has been integrated into the installation. This comprehensive system includes web-based software for effortless display management, accessible from any location at any time. With these enhancements, Remington Park aims to elevate the overall spectator experience, providing patrons with a visually immersive and technologically advanced environment during racing events.