Roland DGA Launches VersaOBJECT CO Series: Next-Gen UV Printers for Unmatched Versatility

Roland DGA Launches VersaOBJECT CO Series: Next-Gen UV Printers for Unmatched Versatility缩略图

Roland DGA proudly unveils its latest innovation, the VersaOBJECT® CO Series inkjets—a cutting-edge line of advanced flatbed and belt-driven UV printers that seamlessly blend exceptional image quality, unparalleled productivity, and unmatched versatility, all while upholding the renowned reliability and user-friendly design synonymous with Roland DG.

These state-of-the-art printers, the inaugural members of the new “VersaOBJECT” brand line, represent the next evolution in UV-LED printing technology. They offer direct printing capabilities on a diverse range of substrates and three-dimensional objects, empowering print providers to significantly diversify their applications and product offerings.

Positioned as the successor to the VersaUV® LEC2 S-Series, the VersaOBJECT CO Series presents customers with a range of configurations and sizes, catering to various production environments and requirements. The flatbed models, available in 30-inch and 64-inch widths and with three bed length options (F200, F300, or F400), facilitate product customization and direct printing on both flexible and rigid materials. This versatility opens up a wide spectrum of opportunities for merchandising, packaging, signage, and display applications.

For enhanced efficiency and flexibility, the CO Series introduces two Belt-driven hybrid models (CO-300 B200 and CO-640 B200). These models facilitate faster loading/unloading and accommodate both roll media and rigid materials, making them ideal for users seeking expanded versatility and productivity.

With an impressive media height of up to 7.87 inches, the CO Series UV printers enable vibrant, detailed graphics on various substrates, including plastic, leather, wood, and cloth. Their carriage clearance and ability to print on gently curved or uneven surfaces make them perfect for personalization and customization across consumer products, industrial parts, interior décor, signage, POP displays, packaging, and more.

Additionally, the belt-driven hybrid models facilitate printing on longer and uniquely shaped items, as well as thicker roll media such as natural or synthetic leather, felt, and rubber mats.

To further augment product customization capabilities, Roland DGA introduces two new Rotary Rack accessories—the Rotary Rack XL and Rotary Rack XXL. These aluminum attachments enable precise printing around cylindrical objects, expanding the application range to include items like bottles, glassware, and drinking flasks. The Rotary Rack attachments are easy to install, powered by the printer’s gantry, and cost-efficient.

Engineered to optimize image quality and performance, the CO Series printers leverage Roland DG’s wide-gamut GREENGUARD Gold certified ECO-UV 5 (EUV5) inks. Users can choose from eight ink configurations to meet specific needs, including dual CMYK for increased productivity, or CMYK with optional Red, Orange, White, Gloss, and Primer for special effects.

Safety is paramount, and the CO Series printers boast advanced safety features, including a separate control panel creating a secure operating area, an emergency stop perimeter, and a signal beacon highlighting the printer status.

Roland DGA’s UV Product Manager, Jay Roberts, emphasizes the versatility and competitive pricing of the CO Series, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size looking to expand product offerings and maximize profits. Each CO Series UV printer includes VersaWorks® 6 software, Roland DG’s powerful RIP with features like Harlequin RIP dual core engine, variable data printing, nesting, cropping, and a Color Plate Generation function for White, Gloss, and Primer layers.

In conclusion, the Roland DGA VersaOBJECT CO Series represents a leap forward in UV printing technology, offering a perfect blend of versatility, efficiency, and quality to meet the diverse needs of today’s print businesses.