Daktronics Enhances London’s Leicester Square with Innovative Video Displays in Partnership with SOHO Estates

Daktronics Enhances London’s Leicester Square with Innovative Video Displays in Partnership with SOHO Estates缩略图

Daktronics, a global leader in digital technology solutions, has joined forces with SOHO Estates Portfolio Limited to transform the exterior of its building in the heart of London’s Leicester Square. The installation of cutting-edge video displays is currently underway and is poised to illuminate the city with dynamic messaging and information for passersby.

John James, Managing Director of Soho Estates Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We are delighted to add these screens to this vibrant area of London. The screens aim to promote new and innovative ideas. Leicester Square is a cinematic destination, and Soho Estates is happy to enhance this.”

The collaboration between Daktronics and SOHO Estates seeks to bring an enhanced visual experience to one of London’s prime locations. Patrick Halliwell, Daktronics Regional Director, shared his excitement, saying, “These displays bring an exciting and enticing view to messages being shared in London. Working with SOHO Estates has been a great experience, and we’re looking forward to the commissioning of these new displays to bring light to this great location.”

The installation comprises two state-of-the-art LED displays, each measuring an impressive 12.8 meters in height and 2.88 meters in width. With a 6-millimeter pixel spacing, the displays promise to deliver crisp, clear imagery, captivating the attention of onlookers. Notably, the technology incorporates industry-leading environmental protection, ensuring seamless operation in the outdoor elements of the bustling city.

Daktronics is renowned for providing digital technology solutions that offer flexible scheduling for multiple advertisers and facilitate quick and easy changes in content. This project follows in the footsteps of Daktronics’ successful installations, including the iconic Piccadilly Lights, solidifying their commitment to enhancing the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry by adding value and generating revenue for their customers.

As the video display installation nears completion, Leicester Square is poised to become an even more captivating destination, blending innovation with the city’s cinematic charm. The vibrant screens are set to illuminate the area with compelling visuals, adding a new dimension to the dynamic atmosphere of London’s entertainment hub.