NBA Legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Headlines Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo: A Pinnacle Gathering for Digital Print Professionals

NBA Legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Headlines Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo: A Pinnacle Gathering for Digital Print Professionals缩略图

Basketball Hall of Famer and international business leader Earvin “Magic” Johnson is set to deliver the main keynote at the highly anticipated Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo. This flagship conference, scheduled for May 7-10 at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis, promises to be an insightful gathering for print professionals worldwide. Magic Johnson, renowned for his success on the NBA court and in the business world, will share his perspectives on teamwork and leadership.

Registration is now open for this annual event, which serves as the focal point for the largest digital print community globally, known as Dscoop. The conference aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into new strategies, cutting-edge tools and technologies, as well as opportunities to forge new partnerships while enjoying a collaborative and engaging atmosphere.

The conference website offers essential information, including details on hotels, travel arrangements, and a schedule at-a-glance. While full descriptions of educational sessions will be available soon, it’s evident that the Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo is crafted to help printers shape their future.

From the keynote address by Magic Johnson to member-led panel discussions and a redesigned Solutions Showcase inspired by the innovation of the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, every aspect of the event is geared towards maximizing value for attendees and partners alike.

Peter van Teeseling, Dscoop’s Executive Director, emphasizes the growth of the Dscoop global community, attributing it to the vibrant energy, optimism, and idea-sharing among members worldwide. The conference caters to print mavericks seeking to enhance their businesses, teams, or personal development through keynotes, education sessions, networking opportunities, and the renowned Dscoop Party.

Planned education tracks cover critical aspects such as Sales & Marketing, Business, Automation, Operations, and Sustainability. These tracks provide a comprehensive learning experience for attendees looking to elevate their proficiency in the digital print domain.

The Solutions Showcase at the Edge St. Louis World Expo is expected to be a bustling hub of activity, symbolizing a return to normalcy post-pandemic. HP and other partners will be showcasing innovative equipment, discussing business-building technologies, and exploring new market opportunities. Haim Levit, Senior Vice President & General Manager at HP Industrial Print, expresses anticipation for the conference, highlighting Dscoop as the most powerful network in print. HP aims to leverage this gathering to receive real-time feedback from customers and enhance its understanding of how to support their growth.

In essence, the Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo emerges as a must-attend event, promising a dynamic blend of industry insights, technological innovation, and collaborative networking for print professionals eager to shape the future of digital print.