Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo: Uniting Digital Printing Pros for Innovation and Collaboration

Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo: Uniting Digital Printing Pros for Innovation and Collaboration缩略图

More than 1,100 digital printing professionals have converged to connect and learn at the Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo this week. The event, themed as the “gateway to growth,” is currently taking place at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis.

Dscoop’s flagship conference, which runs from May 7 to May 10, brings together an increasing number of printing innovators from around the world. These individuals are eager to explore new strategies, embrace emerging tools and technologies, forge new partnerships, and enjoy the experience. Remarkably, around one-third of the Edge St. Louis attendees are attending the annual event for the first time.

Dscoop’s Global and Meaningful Connections:

Dscoop stands as the largest digital print community globally, comprising more than 16,000 HP Industrial digital press owners and their teams across over 100 countries. This week, Dscoop’s global reach is vividly demonstrated as members from various corners of the world share compelling stories of collaboration transcending geographical boundaries, industry segments, and technological domains.

“The sense of community and camaraderie among Dscoop members worldwide is what sets this event apart. The exchange of ideas and support here is already exceeding expectations,” notes Dscoop Executive Director, Peter van Teeseling. “Dscoop’s year-round events and programs serve as a power source, and we’re delighted when printers plug into them to gain fresh insights and novel avenues for advancement.”

With this objective in mind, Dscoop Edge St. Louis has been meticulously crafted to equip attendees with actionable strategies drawn from the experiences of their peers and the wisdom of experts in sales, marketing, and technology. The event encompasses sixty-five presentations and panel discussions spread across seven diverse tracks.

Dscoop Edge St. Louis attendees are actively seeking ways to innovate, automate, and excel in their respective fields. They are engaging with more than sixty Dscoop partners within the event’s Solutions Showcase. Many of these partners have brought equipment to St. Louis, where they are running live applications and demonstrations. Notably, for the first time in North America, industry professionals are witnessing the HP Indigo 200K Digital Press in action, gaining insights into how this technology is enhancing speed and productivity in the packaging market.

Additionally, attendees are being introduced to the launch of the Dscoop Distributed Print Exchange platform, a solution designed to streamline the outsourcing of digital print jobs to trusted partners. Developed in collaboration with the HP PrintOS Site Flow team, this platform enables printers to expand the range of products they offer and the regions they serve while simultaneously reducing the time, costs, and carbon footprint associated with product delivery.

“The global Dscoop community has a remarkable history of forward-thinking. Even in the face of substantial challenges, we remain committed to continuous learning, networking, and progress. That’s the incredible spirit of Dscoop,” remarks Kyle Pendley of the Arizona State University Print and Imaging Lab, who also serves as the Dscoop Edge St. Louis Conference Chair.

“In the coming days, we will experience the tremendous value of uniting our hearts and minds here in St. Louis.”