Magic Johnson Inspires Dscoop Edge St. Louis: Fostering a Global Community of Innovation

Magic Johnson Inspires Dscoop Edge St. Louis: Fostering a Global Community of Innovation缩略图

Earvin “Magic” Johnson delivered a powerful keynote at the Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo, emphasizing the significance of supporting teammates, connecting with the community, and striving for daily improvement. His message resonated with the over 1,100 Dscoop members in attendance, as it mirrored their values.

The event, held at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis, brought together Dscoop members from over forty different countries, creating an atmosphere of infectious energy and remarkable idea sharing. Under the theme “Gateway to Growth,” printers and partners gathered with a shared eagerness to learn, connect, and progress.

Peter van Teeseling, Dscoop Executive Director, expressed the heart and soul of this global community by saying, “It doesn’t mean anything if there’s no heart and soul—and that’s all of you.” Dscoop stands as the world’s largest digital print community, uniting over 16,000 HP Industrial digital press owners and partners from more than 100 countries. At the Edge St. Louis event, many of them took the stage to share powerful stories of collaboration transcending borders, industry segments, and technologies.

The event featured over sixty education sessions across seven different tracks, led by Dscoop members, HP experts, and top-level sales and marketing coaches. Additionally, the Solutions Showcase presented innovative equipment, tools, and technology from seventy-three partners. Thirteen of these partners showcased equipment and demonstrated live applications.

Significant announcements were made during the event, including the debut of the Dscoop Distributed Print Exchange platform, aimed at streamlining the outsourcing of digital jobs within the Dscoop community. The Climate Action Committee, initiated last year, is making strides toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The development of the Dscoop Ambassador Program in partnership with HP aims to welcome new digital printers into the community. Moreover, is set to undergo a redesign to enhance the interaction among Dscoop members with content, events, and each other.

Peter van Teeseling highlighted the enduring value of Dscoop, emphasizing that while Edge St. Louis may have concluded, the community’s collective value continues to grow, strengthening bonds and inspiring progress throughout the year.

EdgeStLouis_2-1 Kyle Pendley, Assistant Director, Arizona State University; Lee Reed,Prepress Manager, ABCO Inc.; Rosemarie Breske Garvey, President, Blooming Color; and Betsy Davis, EVP National Sales Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Sandy Alexander, Inc.; alongside Kelvin Gage help kick off the festivities at Edge St. Louis World Expo.

EdgeStLouis_3-1 Thomas Schnettler of locr GmbH poses with Edge St. Louis keynote speaker Mark Schulman in the Solutions Showcase.

EdgeStLouis_4-1 Peter van Teeseling, Executive Director, Dscoop (left); Yukinori Okimoto, CEO, Goof; Gabriella Fine, Head of Sales, Didget; Phil St. Cyr, CEO, Rootree; and Chris Hyde, Marketing Director, Dscoop share a great conversation during the Morning Show at Edge St. Louis.