Minuteman Press Owners Celebrate Five Years of Success in Fairmont, Minnesota, with Prestigious Community Award

Minuteman Press Owners Celebrate Five Years of Success in Fairmont, Minnesota, with Prestigious Community Award缩略图

Betsy and Dustin Tino, native residents of the area and proprietors of the Minuteman Press franchise in Fairmont, Minnesota, are celebrating a significant milestone – five years of successful business ownership. Adding to their achievements, Betsy has been honored with the prestigious “4 Under 40” Award from the Twin Valley Action Council BSA, recognizing her as an emerging leader in the community.

Five years ago, the couple made the decision to return to their hometown of Fairmont. Betsy, with a background in printing and magazine publication, and Dustin, previously working in orthopedics, sought a change and an opportunity to work together while being closer to family. The idea of starting a new Minuteman Press in Fairmont emerged during their search for business ventures, ultimately leading them to establish their successful franchise.

As Minuteman Press in Fairmont continues to thrive, Betsy expresses her gratitude for being acknowledged by the Twin Valley Action Council BSA. She sees the “4 Under 40” Award as a testament to her dedication and hard work in the community, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in business growth. According to Betsy, actively participating in local clubs and organizations has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and support within the community.

Betsy highlights the tangible and versatile nature of printing, describing it as a medium that clients can touch and feel. The display wall in their lobby serves as a visual showcase, helping clients articulate their desires. She attributes the success of Minuteman Press to the shop’s comprehensive capabilities, focusing on customer service, and the effectiveness of printing as a marketing tool.

“We love creating the wide range of projects for our clients,” says Betsy, emphasizing the diversity of their work, from booklets to business cards. She dismisses the misconception of being merely a printer, asserting that they are “dream creators.”

In terms of advice for fellow business owners, Betsy underscores the importance of hard work, lean operations in the initial stages, and finding joy in the business. She encourages maintaining a balance between work and personal life, recounting a creative approach to managing a rush job by turning it into a family movie night at the office.

Minuteman Press in Fairmont, located at 414 North State St., Suite 2, has not only become a thriving business but a community hub. Betsy’s recognition with the “4 Under 40” Award stands as a testament to their commitment to both business success and community engagement.