Father and son’s print shop is having a grand opening

Father and son’s print shop is having a grand opening缩略图

It’s great to learn more about the Grand Opening of the Minuteman Press franchise print shop in Gastonia, North Carolina, and the journey of Tony and David Marder into the business. Here are some key points from the provided information:

  1. Event Details: The official Grand Opening of the Minuteman Press franchise print shop took place on Thursday, May 25, 2023. The event had a fiesta theme and was sponsored by the Gaston Business Association, featuring margaritas, festive appetizers, a food truck, and a mariachi band.
  2. Ownership Transition: Tony and David Marder purchased the business from the retiring owners, Pam and Bill Joles, who had owned the business for nearly thirty-two years. Pam and Bill Joles were in attendance at the grand opening to support the transition.
  3. Background: Tony and David’s connection with Pam and Bill Joles began before they worked in the shop. They initially met through local business networking groups, and Tony provided business coaching to the Joles. Tony later started working at the print shop in a part-time role before deciding to purchase the business.
  4. Support from Minuteman Press International: Tony mentioned that he had positive experiences with the franchise support system, especially noting the strength of the training and process protocols. He also appreciated the FLEX software and the responsiveness of the local and Home Office support teams.
  5. Business Description: Tony described their business as capable of producing a wide range of printed materials, and they are committed to delivering high-quality work quickly to help their clients run and grow their businesses or organizations.
  6. High-Demand Products and Growth Areas: The most requested products at their print shop include business cards, forms, labels, stickers, letterhead, envelopes, booklets, manuals, newsletters, and mailings. They are looking to expand their offerings to include more mailings, interior signage, posters, decals, and graphic design services to cater to the evolving needs of their clients.

Overall, the Marders’ journey from business coaching clients to franchise owners and their focus on high-quality, diverse printing services reflect a dynamic and customer-oriented approach to their print shop business.

MinutemanPress_Gastonia_Branded_Van Minuteman Press, Gastonia, NC Grand Opening branded van. Photo: (L-R) Ashley Russell, Amber Josey, David Marder, Tony Marder, Pam Joles, and Bill Joles.

Tony Marder’s insights into growing a print business and his perspective on the importance of print and community engagement provide valuable advice for business owners. Here are some key takeaways from his responses:

  1. Growth Strategies: Key ways to grow the print business include relationship marketing through direct communication with existing and past clients, utilizing SEO/SEM marketing, and active participation in local organizations like the chamber and Rotary. Planning for postcard mailings and special promotions is also in the pipeline for future growth.
  2. Community Description: The community is described as small but close-knit, comprising diverse individuals, including entrepreneurs, professionals, service-related businesses, and manufacturers. It is a volunteer and philanthropic community that values its natural resources and the benefits of being close to the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area.
  3. Vitality of Printing: Printing remains vital to businesses today because it is ubiquitous and serves as a tangible and personalized marketing tool. Print complements other marketing methods, solidifies brand recognition, and engages people through the power of reading. It offers a personal touch and builds lasting relationships.
  4. Rewards of Ownership: The rewards of owning the print business include a consistent cashflow and significant upside potential. For Tony Marder, it’s also about securing a future for his son, inspiring the team, and increasing community engagement and support.
  5. Advice for Business Owners: Tony’s advice to other business owners includes hiring talented individuals and giving them the freedom to excel. Finding a mentor with expertise in legal, financial, and accounting matters is crucial. Embrace challenges and take proactive steps to get things done.

These insights highlight the importance of community involvement, the enduring value of print, and the potential for business growth through strategic marketing and team building.