Jack Wolfskin Elevates In-Store Experience with PPDS and Philips Digital Signage Marvels

Jack Wolfskin Elevates In-Store Experience with PPDS and Philips Digital Signage Marvels缩略图

The main digital signage display at the Jack Wolfskin flagship store.

Hey, check this out – PPDS just scored big with Jack Wolfskin! They’re the go-to global guys for all things Philips digital signage, interactive displays, and LED magic. So, picture this: Jack Wolfskin, the outdoor gear legends, wanted to amp up their Frankfurt flagship store. They’re all about getting people pumped for nature since ’81, with over 500 stores and 1,400 folks on the team across Europe and Asia.

Now, here’s the cool part. Jack Wolfskin joined forces with PPDS and the pros at pilot Screentime to give their Frankfurt spot a serious makeover. They slapped in a massive 7.5m Philips L-Line 7000 Series LED wall – think next-level eye candy drawing in the crowd. But that’s not all; they strategically placed a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Philips Q-Line digital signage display to flaunt the store’s eco-friendly vibes.

These Philips gadgets aren’t just pretty faces; they’re part of a larger content system that includes touchscreens and storytelling setups. The goal? To make customers feel like they’re embarking on an adventure as soon as they step in.

Now, let’s talk perks. The Philips 7000 Series LED is a modular marvel, making redesigns a breeze. It’s not just a looker; it’s a powerhouse with high brightness and crystal-clear resolution. And get this – it’s green too! Low power consumption means lower bills and a nod to Mother Earth.

Damian Rodgett, the big boss at pilot Screentime, sums it up nicely: “We’ve cooked up some digital POS sales magic for Jack Wolfskin. It’s all about dialing up the emotion in the shopping experience. LED walls, snazzy digital screens, and cool touchpoints like a virtual campfire – it all leaves a mark in the competitive outdoor gear scene. This is the new standard for POS sales – max impact with minimum spend, creating a killer customer experience.”

Jack_Wolfskin_DigitalSignage_Wall_Display Wall display.