Fabricated Acrylic LED Channel Letters

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Acrylic illuminated signs are a ripper decoration with a top-notch crafting process. First up, we snag a 2.0mm acrylic sheet and precisely cut out the desired shape using laser technology. Gotta make it smooth, so we polish and buff the surface to ensure those letters pop.

To make these signs fair dinkum sturdy, we lock in a mold and give it a heat bend, shaping the acrylic to perfection. Next, we grab a 5.0mm acrylic sheet and stick it to the laser-cut edges using some top-notch glue, making sure the structure is as solid as a rock.

Inside the sign, we chuck in some LED Modules or Strips on a 10mm PVC base to keep the glow even and long-lasting. Finally, we secure the base to the edges with some flathead screws, making sure the whole shebang is as stable as a kangaroo on solid ground. There you go, a bonza acrylic illuminated sign, not just a looker but also bringing a ripper artistic vibe to the space, especially when the night falls.


  • Material: 2.0mm, 5.0mm Acrylic
  • Craft: Molding and Polishing
  • Size: Custom
  • Light Source: Waterproof LED Strips
  • Transformer: Anti-rain AC230V DC12V 200W
  • Finsh: Custom
  • Install: Pin Fixed to Wall

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