Epson’s Cutting-Edge Headquarters: A Hub of Innovation, Sustainability, and Community Engagement

Epson’s Cutting-Edge Headquarters: A Hub of Innovation, Sustainability, and Community Engagement缩略图

Epson hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Los Alamitos-based headquarters on Tuesday, May 9. The ceremony featured remarks from various dignitaries, including Los Alamitos Mayor Tanya Doby, Epson America President and CEO Keith Kratzberg, and Seiko Epson Director Koichi Kubota. Local government officials Ana Lasso from the California Office of Sustainability and Zechariah Jauregui from U.S. House of Representatives District 45, along with community representatives and non-profit leaders, were also in attendance.

The new campus serves as Epson’s corporate headquarters for the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, overseeing operations for home, office, commercial, and industrial printing, visual communications, wearables, robotics, microdevices, and manufacturing. The company has implemented an innovative hybrid work program for over 80% of its workforce, allowing employees to work remotely with a six-day per month in-office schedule. Additionally, the campus features a hoteling workspace system, significantly reducing the physical space required for staff. This has enabled the creation of an expanded Executive Briefing Center, serving as a state-of-the-art destination to host customers, partners, and community members.

Keith Kratzberg, Epson America’s CEO, highlighted the campus’s innovative approach, stating, “The innovative Epson campus embodies the lessons we’ve learned from relocating during a global pandemic. By leveraging Epson technologies, we’ve optimized the space to boost productivity and foster collaboration while prioritizing sustainability, community engagement, and employee work-life balance. Our newly established Executive Briefing Center serves as a hub for Epson team members and partners, providing an environment in which we can envision and develop effective strategies for future business achievements.”

In addition to expanding its operations to more than 150,000 square feet in a two-building, environmentally focused facility, the Epson Campus aligns with the company’s Epson 25 Renewed Corporate Vision.

Mayor Tanya Doby expressed her welcome to Epson and its employees in the Los Alamitos business community, emphasizing the positive impact on local businesses, job creation, and investment opportunities. She looks forward to ongoing collaboration to help the area grow and thrive.

The new Epson campus reflects its commitment to local community engagement, integrated sustainability, and workplace collaboration:

  1. Adaptive and Hybrid Workforce: The new campus supports an innovative hybrid work program and a hoteling system, with a unique virtual demo and presentation system for training and supporting the company’s mission-critical technologies.
  2. State-of-the-Art Technology: The state-of-the-art Executive Briefing Center allows interaction with Epson technologies and conducts business, emphasizing product innovation and philosophy. It is also available for local businesses and nonprofits to use for networking and community interaction.
  3. Interactive Design and Collaboration: The campus’s design encourages team collaboration, meeting venues, and supports hybrid workplace efficiencies. The workspace aligns with core Epson values, leveraging purpose-designed technology and enhancing customer value. The architectural bridge connecting the two main buildings promotes employee connectivity.
  4. Environmentally Focused Building Initiatives: The new Epson Campus demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability with features such as rooftop solar panels, reduced lighting requirements, water conservation, drought-tolerant landscaping, and Electric Vehicle charging stations for employees.

In conclusion, Epson’s new headquarters represents a commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, the company is better equipped to deliver world-class products and services to its customers.