Nazdar’s Outstanding Sustainability Recognized with EcoVadis Silver Medal

Nazdar’s Outstanding Sustainability Recognized with EcoVadis Silver Medal缩略图

Nazdar, a prominent manufacturer of inks and coatings catering to a wide array of commercial applications, is thrilled to announce its achievement of the Silver EcoVadis Medal for sustainability.

EcoVadis, a global organization established in 2007, has been dedicated to evaluating companies’ commitment to sustainable operations and their adherence to stringent social standards. This evaluation encompasses a comprehensive assessment of a business’s sustainability management in areas such as the environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

In its most recent evaluation of Nazdar, EcoVadis scrutinized the company’s ongoing sustainability initiatives and its plans for further environmental programs. The outcome was impressive, and EcoVadis bestowed a silver medal upon Nazdar in recognition of its exceptional efforts. This sustainability award places Nazdar among the top 25 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

Nazdar has a longstanding dedication to environmental stewardship and has initiated a series of programs aimed at not only achieving its own sustainability objectives but also sharing these initiatives with like-minded customers.

As a recipient of EcoVadis’ Silver Medal, Nazdar now stands alongside some of the world’s leading companies in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition for our sustainable endeavors,” exclaims Evan Benbow, Vice President of Research and Development at Nazdar. “We take great pride in our various environmental programs and their positive impact on both our business and our customers. Having our commitment acknowledged by a prestigious global entity like EcoVadis is a significant endorsement.”