Eastlink Centre’s New Watchfire Centerhung Scoreboard Elevates the Fan Experience

Eastlink Centre’s New Watchfire Centerhung Scoreboard Elevates the Fan Experience缩略图

Watchfire was selected by the Eastlink Centre, a versatile sports and events facility in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, to provide the island’s first state-of-the-art centerhung digital scoreboard.

This innovative four-sided centerhung display has replaced an aging fixed-digit scoreboard, bringing an immersive experience to the fans in the 3,645-seat arena. With its 360-degree view, the scoreboard showcases real-time scores, live game footage, replays, engaging crowd videos, animations, and advertisements. Originally constructed in 1991 for the Canada Winter Games, the Eastlink Centre serves as the home venue for the Charlottetown Islanders of the QMJHL, the Charlottetown Power of the ECBL, and hosts various concerts and events throughout the year.

The winning bid for designing and installing this cutting-edge scoreboard was submitted by the Gemini Group of Companies, based in Charlottetown, who selected Watchfire to manufacture the display. The centerhung display measures 8.5′ x 13.5′ on each side and boasts a pitch of 3.9mm.

According to John Abbott, interim general manager of Eastlink Centre, the resolution on the scoreboard is so impressive that it feels like watching a massive television. Venue organizers are exploring opportunities to host viewing events when the Islanders are playing away games and streaming other important events. Abbott added, “It’s a blank canvas, and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

The new addition has been met with enthusiasm from fans in the arena who enjoy seeing themselves on the centerhung display. Abbott mentioned that they are still discovering all the capabilities of the display, and Watchfire representatives have been on-site several times to guide them. The versatility of this display allows Eastlink Centre to enhance its offerings and stand out in the entertainment industry.

Maintenance and repair of the centerhung display have also been made more accessible. Watchfire mounted the scoreboard using a hoist system, enabling venue operators to easily lower and raise the display for routine maintenance or repair.

This remarkable centerhung display is a central component of a $2 million renovation project at Eastlink Centre, which also includes upgrades such as new arena glass, renovated dressing rooms, showers, and improved sound and lighting systems. According to Abbott, the new scoreboard is the crown jewel of these enhancements.

Bob Ferrulo, Watchfire Sports Market Director, expressed their enthusiasm about being part of the upgrades at Eastlink Centre, emphasizing its significance to the community. He stated, “The centerhung adds great excitement to the venue, and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Eastlink Centre.”