Introducing Digital Signage Ready (DSR): Elevating Brand Messaging and Engagement in Digital Signage

Introducing Digital Signage Ready (DSR): Elevating Brand Messaging and Engagement in Digital Signage缩略图

Telecine Multimedia, a media company specializing in digital signage content, has introduced a new content subscription service known as Digital Signage Ready (DSR). This service offers an a la carte approach to content, emphasizing brand messaging to engage and captivate your audience. Whether your client utilizes one screen or a multitude of screens, DSR provides a branded channel of news content, extending your clients’ reach and fostering deeper connections with their patrons.

Justin Lachovsky, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Telecine, explained the rationale behind DSR’s creation, stating, “Digital Signage Ready (DSR) was a natural evolution for Telecine. We already offer targeted content and templates in several of our services, such as FinFacts, LifeStyle, AirQuality, and more. DSR presents clients with a menu of content possibilities, allowing them to subscribe to services such as news, sports, finance, infotainment, weather, or local news. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of content, where you can choose a few services or opt for a comprehensive selection. The content is always fresh and displayed in real-time across your digital signage network.”

One distinguishing feature that sets DSR apart from other services is its incorporation of your company’s branding. This emphasis on branding is crucial for ensuring optimal brand recognition and awareness. With DSR, you can maintain your brand’s prominence in the minds of your patrons while offering a diverse library of content options.

Telecine will be showcasing Digital Signage Ready (DSR) at InfoComm 23, with digital signage displays on exhibit at the Crimson AV booth #1674. To explore this innovative solution further and schedule a demo, connect with Telecine at the event.